Opening to Visualization Angelic Healing Meditation

a channeled healing from the Angelic Realm with Archangel Michael

with Sarah Petruno

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Opening to Visualization is a channeled healing meditation brought to you from the Angelic Realm and is designed to help you open your ability to visualize. 

While you listen, Archangel Michael narrates a healing journey that your angels perform on you. 

Release blocks to clairvoyance.

Free yourself of the idea that you can't visualize and That psychic sight isn't possible for you. 

You are taken through a healing journey in which your third eye is opened and cords blocking your ability to see are removed. 

Your healing experience in the Opening to Visualization Meditation includes a journey back to a time when you could visualize, and a reconnection of your energy with this part of your soul.  

This meditation is intended to: 

  • Release cords from the third eye 

  • Remove self-imposed blocks to clairvoyance 

  • Reconnect yourself to your innate ability to see 

  • Empower you to tap into your child-like sense of imagination

Allow yourself to be healed and Connect with Angelic Healing Today ~ 


When you purchase this meditation, you receive 1 .mp3 guided audio meditation (+ transcript) and one .pdf instruction file delivered digitally and directly to you after purchase.

Total time:  24:35 minutes

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