Understanding Psychic Attack

pre-recorded video seminar

with Sarah Petruno

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Psychic and energetic attacks are one of the biggest problems for energy sensitives, empaths, anyone with anxiety or mood disorders, unexplained irritability, unexplained pain, and so much more. 

They're a real phenomenon where someone thinks about you or talks about you in a less than favorable way, and you feel that energy as physical pain, heavy emotions, or as anxiety. 

The more sensitive you are, the more vulnerable you are to feeling the effects of energetic psychic attack.

The symptoms are real, and chances are, you've felt them. 

Anxiety, sudden pain and illness, headaches, worry, overwhelm, guilt, and sadness are just a few of the signs that, when they strike you suddenly, you're experiencing an attack. Find more symptoms here and here

Let's talk about it.

Join me on this recorded call where we discuss the ins and outs of psychic and energetic attacks. 

In this hour long class, we'll cover: 

  • What Psychic and Energetic Attacks Are
  • How They Work
  • Signs You're Experiencing a Psychic Attack
  • True vs Non-Intentional Attacks
  • Who Can Send Attacks
  • Identifying Your Attacker - Is it Necessary? 
  • Preventing Psychic Attacks
  • Types of Psychic Attacks
  • Tips for Managing, Dealing With, and Stopping Attacks


Format: Recorded video class from the July 1st, 2016 Live Class
Length: 55:34 minutes
How to Attend: Once you purchase the seminar, you will be immediately emailed a link to access the video recording
Your Instructor: Sarah Petruno, Shamanic Teacher

during the seminar, you'll learn all about psychic attacks, how to prevent them, and tried and true strategies for stopping their effects. 

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When you purchase this seminar, you receive access to a 55:34 minute recorded video class from the July 1, 2016 seminar. immediately after purchase, you will be provided with your link to listen in + instructions and a class outline. 

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What other people are saying. . . 

Hi Sarah - I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the psychic attack seminar. I have already begun using the techniques with success! Thank you.

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