Self Soul Retrieval Journey Meditation

available for instant download via .mp3 file

Allow yourself to be guided through a soul retrieval healing session, led by Shamanic Teacher, Sarah Petruno and assisted by your spiritual guides. Complete instructions included.

Find The missing Piece in Your Healing Journey

After completing hundreds of soul retrievals, I've identified a repeatable formula, pattern, and flow to this type to shamanic healing first shared in the How to: Soul Retrieval Seminar

In co-creation with Spirit, we've recorded our soul retrieval technique for the very first time, which allows you to complete a soul retrieval and integration healing on yourself with the help of your own spirit guides. 

Soul retrievals help you to return to your energy, spirit, mind, and body the missing link. The part of you that's missing and is ready to return now. Soul retrievals return to you a sense of wholeness, and an empowered awareness of WHAT is needed for you to heal the challenge you face in your life now

This healing journey is designed to assist you in retrieving a single soul fragment lost during a period of a soul loss at a certain point or event in your present or past life. For each life challenge that you may seek to heal, on average, there are 3-4 soul fragments that need to be returned.

Are you a novice? Feeling nervous or unsure? Don't worry! This journey is novice tested and approved, and you receive complete and detailed instructions with your purchase. 

Self Soul Retrieval Journey Meditation


When you purchase this meditation, you receive a pdf file that contains 1 .mp3 guided audio meditation + detailed instructions delivered digitally and directly to you after purchase. Please read the instructions in full BEFORE completing the journey. 

31:27 minutes in length


How is this different from the How to: Soul Retrieval Seminar
The seminar is geared more towards those who want to learn how to do soul retrieval for another person, while this one, leads you through a soul retrieval healing on yourself. The seminar has quite a bit more instructional and teaching type material in it, geared towards studying practitioners, that this one does not. This product is a guided journey + instructions for the healing itself and getting the most out of it. 

How is this different from the eCourse you used to offer?
The eCourse was created over a year ago, and since that time, the formula that I've been using for Soul Retrieval has evolved. Not only that, the healing in this journey is more detailed and in-depth and is designed to get you very specific information about each individual fragment. One round of the journey is meant for retrieving only one soul fragment. Meaning, you'll need 3-4 rounds per challenge you wish to heal. This journey also does not include an educational element, where the course did.  The eCourse broke the process into several steps across many days, and this journey is the whole process wrapped up in one journey, with reliance on a helper spirit to provide information and insights via the intuitive senses. I would say it's a lot more "hands off" and utilizes the help of your own spirit guides MORE. The eCourse was 10 days, took it slow, and was instructional + healing, this is a 30 minute journey with instructions for completing that journey and follow up, with no teaching. The teaching element can now be found in the seminar and by searching the blog, and the healing journey is boiled down into this journey right here. 

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