15 Week Shamanic Training Program via Live Video Classroom

starts August 9th, enrolling now

with Sarah Petruno, Shamana

Have you heard the call?

Shamanism is a voice that gets louder and louder. She keeps popping up. She beckons you. She floats around in your mind until you can no longer ignore that she is part of your path.

I know it well.

The medicine of shamanism calls to each person in a slightly different way; she’s like a spice. Some people are romantically drawn into her arms, other people would rather spit her out, push her aside, and ignore her until her force becomes so strong in your life that you have little other choice.

I was part of that second group. I had to be drawn kicking and screaming into the path of shamanism, and slowly, she and her medicine began to work their magic in my life and completely transform me into the person I am today. Old Sarah was miserable, anxiety and depression-ridden, filling my body with an unhealthy diet, and surrounding myself with energy, environments, and relationships that continued to bring me down.

Then, I broke free. I gave into the shamanic medicine that I needed and allowed myself to be healed.

If you’re reading this page, chances are you’re in a place where you’re ready to step fully onto the path. You’re ready to break free. You’re ready for the healing to fully transform you.

It doesn’t matter how you got here, what your path was until this point, or what has you considering shamanism – if you stand at the gates of shamanic medicine after being called, you know deep within your heart that this is what you need to do.

The Shamanic Healer Training Program is a 15-week program where together, with me, a group of your peers, and all of our combined spiritual teams will come together and go deep into shamanism and personal discovery.

The curriculum is emergent. 

This means that what we learn and how that learning is approached will depend on how the group and you need to learn.

There is no one right path to learning shamanism.

Each person is unique, and when we gather in a small group, we are assured that we gather with our soul group who all combine together to learn in a similar way.

Dolphin Medicine

Summer/Fall Session:

Dolphin Medicine Tribe

  • The dolphin medicine tribe will meet on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm EST for approximately 2 hours each week, starting August 9, 2017

  • The total length of the class is 15 weeks with one integration during week 8 (no class Sept 27).

  • The final week is a group coaching call for questions and guidance from spirit.

  • The class will take place via video conference, with the option to call in via phone. Worldwide call in numbers available.

  • All classes will be recorded and videos will be made available to students

  • There will be a private facebook group for shamanic medicine tribe members to meet and discuss between classes

Together, in the Dolphin Medicine Tribe, you will learn, understand, and use your unique gifts as an emerging and strengthening shamanic healer, while working with the medicine of the Dolphin.

Dolphin medicine represents smooth transitions, fluidity, playfulness and tapping into the inner child, the ability to easily navigate new depths, surrendering to the unknown, and exploring hidden realms.  

Now more than ever, shamans are needed. YOUR medicine as a healer is needed. The western medical system is in crisis – as an overburdened, underfunded system in many countries across the world, and more and more people are coming to realize their discontent with the system.

People are searching for their power in healing themselves, and they’re looking for shamanic healers to guide them through the process of empowerment.

There aren’t enough new wave shamans at this time and the need is growing every single day.

We need shamans who can work globally, at a distance, while using the tools of social media, the spread of an internet platform, and the ability to connect and relate to those at the many levels of rising discontent.

We need shamans at all levels and in all places. We need torch holders to appear at the exact right moment where someone needs a light.

The time is NOW. The NEED is now.

What You’ll Learn:

The Shamanic Training program is loosely divided into 3 sections:

  • Foundation (weeks 1-5)

    • Introductions and understanding Shamanism
    • The bodies and layers of the human experience
    • Energy attunement and energy education
    • Discernment, receiving, and sensing
    • Moving energy and problems of energy
    • The worlds, accessing them, clairs, and spiritual attunement

  • Experience (Weeks 6-11)

    • Spiritual guides, your team, channeling, divination
    • Honing and strengthening gifts
    • Putting the arms of shamanism together
    • Shamanic healing tools, methods, and techniques
    • Healing hygiene, consent, sacred spaces
    • Guided and solo practice with volunteers

  • Development (weeks 12-15)

    • Setting up your practice
    • Business tools and legalities
    • Integrating your tools into your life and practice
    • Understanding your specific medicine
    • Group Coaching

Secure Your Spot

The curriculum here is a structure and loose outline of what we’ll cover in the program. The program is highly individualized and molded around the group, the group’s needs, and the directions that Spirit takes us during our time together.

There will be homework that you will be required to satisfactorily complete to “graduate” from the program. We will discuss the homework each week at the start of class, and if you miss a class, you will be required to watch the video and provide a summary of the class, as well as a summary of your experience with the homework that week. (Please know, however, that being present in the class is important and attending via recording only is not the intention of this program.)

The Shamanic healer Training Program Includes:

  • About 26 hours of instruction, experience, and practical opportunities
  • Additional volunteer practice opportunities with a list of “safe” volunteer recipients
  • 14 live video classes, with class recordings
  • Tailored homework and feedback on journeys, homework, and volunteer practice sessions
  • Group coaching throughout the duration of class and a final class dedicated to coaching
  • Private Facebook group with access to Sarah, starting one week before class and ending in the last week of September

How it works

  • We will gather as a tribe starting on August 9th, 2017, meeting every Wednesday at 6:30pm EST for 15 weeks, about 2 hours per week, skipping class meeting on week 8 (integration week, September 27th)
  • Class meets via video conference with call in numbers available worldwide – you just need a phone or a computer with an internet connection to attend.
  • When you sign up, you will be redirected to a page/sent an email with instructions on how to complete your registration.
  • To graduate from the program and to be able to display your completion of the Shamanic Healer Training Program on your website, you must attend all classes and satisfactorily complete all homework. If you cannot attend a particular week, you must watch the recording and submit your notes and a summary of the class as evidence of completion. (Please know, however, that being present in the class is important and attending via recording only is not the intention of this program.)
  • Those who complete the program and create businesses/websites will have the option to be listed on my website as part of a Shamanic Healer Directory

The Shamanic Healer Training Program is designed to act as a catalyst of transformation.

The Healer Training Program doesn’t make you a shaman. You were born into this life and into your body as a shaman already.

The Healer Training Program gives you the comfort, support, and guidance to embody and step into that role with confidence and sure feet. (Okay, sure-r feet).

It connects you with a Tribe. Part of your soul group of shamanic kin and healers just like you – who have medicine to share and lessons to teach.

Your Investment Options

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The next session of the Shamanic Healer Training Program starts on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 6:30pm EST. 

 By purchasing this class, you agree to the Sarah Petruno Shamanism Terms & Conditions and agree that all sales are final. 

Please read the FAQ’s below to answer any and all questions you may have about this Program.

About Me

Hi! I’m Sarah Petruno, a business savvy, self-taught shaman, teacher, and advocate of awakening shamans stepping into the power of their medicine. My family is of Eastern European descent and the last living shaman in my ancestral line died before I was born. This ancestor, who I call Shaman, is that spirit who guided me on this path and helped connect me with other guides and helper spirits. I’m a firm believer that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and that as shamanic healers, our job and medicine is to help others awaken and access this ability. We start at home, healing our own lives, and by sharing that medicine, we empower others to do the same.


Why The Animal Medicine?

For each session of the Shamanic Healer Training Program, I tune into the energy of those will would join us, and I ask for a Guide to step forward – one that is shared by everyone who will join the program, and one whose lessons and guidance we would connect with throughout the program. The Guide that appeared for the future, summer session is Dolphin. Each individual who is meant to join the program has a Dolphin guide whom they will meet and work with, forming a long term relationship with this Animal Spirit. Dolphin medicine represents smooth transitions, fluidity, playfulness and tapping into the inner child, the ability to easily navigate new depths, surrendering to the unknown, and exploring hidden realms.  

What kind of time investment do I need to commit?

The class requires around 1.5-2.5 hours of class time every week for 15 weeks. Homework assignments will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete per week, and beyond. The more time you put in it, the more you practice, and the more time you spend working on your skills outside of class, the faster you can expect to see yourself progress.

Do I need to be on Facebook to participate?

It’s not required, but. . . it’s an invaluable resource and part of the program.  If you don’t have an account, I highly recommend you create an account just for the class. We’ve tried other forum and classroom platforms, but as of yet, nothing performs and creates the same sense of community connection as a facebook group.


Do I need to be a shamanism newbie to enroll?

It’s recommended that you have *some* degree of experience with meditation and spiritual topics, but not required. All levels of experience and expertise are welcomed.

Is this a certification program?

No. I left the world of Academia for many reasons, and of all the aspects that I carry over from that world, certifications won’t be one of them. In spiritual topics, my personal belief is that the power to “certify” and approve gifts lies with you and you Spirit Guides. For this program, you do have to complete the homework and classes to say you’ve completed the program. But, I won’t be certifying anyone as a shaman – I’ll leave that to you and your guides.

What if I have to miss one of the dates?

That’s okay! All classes are recorded and are made available within 48 hours of the class session. Watch the class as soon as you can and submit a summary/your notes of the class and any homework you missed in order to be given credit for participating. Please know, however, that being present in the class is important and attending via recording only is not the intention of this program.

Can I give myself the title of shaman when I’ve graduated?

Selfishly, I’d prefer it if you did. This is because when people are out there in the world, searching for a shaman, they are typing “shaman” into Google. People outside of the shamanic community do not know that shamanic practitioner is PC, and that shamanic energy healer or spiritual healer is the title that many shamans choose before they feel comfortable “going there.” But, ultimately, it’s between you and your Guides as to what you choose to call yourself.

This program looks great, but why the cost?

I understand your hesitation – it’s  big investment in both time and money. TIME is perhaps the biggest deciding factor in the cost of the program, because while it’s only 2 hours or so a week in class time for you, it’s about 20-30 hours a week for me. The program is so expansive in depth and reach, that while it’s running, it will largely be my full time job. When considering the same amount of session hours individually (26), if you went with private instruction at my hourly rate, the investment would be 2-3x the amount. As with everything, I consult and sit with spirit in a journey to determine an appropriate price, and I remember this quote:

“When you purchase a Class or a Service someone is providing you aren’t just buying an hour or more of their time. You’re purchasing: The dozens of books they’ve read. The thousands of hours they’ve studied. The many experts and elders they’ve sat under to learn. The years of life experience they’ve had in practical application. The hundreds of mistakes they’ve made to help you not have to make the same mistakes. The thousands of dollars they’ve invested in various trainings, certifications, degrees etc. The work they put into the marketing, videos or space rental to create an environment you can feel safe in. Consider carefully before you tell a teacher, a coach, a speaker or healer that their service or product isn’t worth the price you’re paying. You don’t know the price they’ve paid to offer it to you.” ~ Namaste Moore