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Spirit Attachment Release guided Healing

available for instant download via .mp3 file

Release even the most stubborn spiritual attachments with the help of this guided healing journey, led by Shamanic Teacher, Sarah Petruno and assisted by your spiritual guides. 


Compassionately Release Spiritual Attachments

Designed to release even the most stubborn spiritual attachments, this guided healing meditation takes you on  journey where you work with your spiritual team in releasing both spiritual and energetic attachments.

Attachments can be individual spirits, but they can also be spiritual energy in the form of soul fragments, thoughts, emotions, and even older versions of yourself. Your own thoughts can form attachments, and bits and pieces of other peoples’ souls can become attached to your energy.

Attachment spirits are a normal occurrence, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them!

In my experience, I have found that the most successful way for getting rid of attachments and keeping them gone is by doing it yourself. BUT, resources that explain how to do that are few and far between. If you have already attended the Kick the Sidekick Spiritual Attachments Seminar, the technique provided here is a bit different and is designed for both novices looking to remove attachments themselves and practitioners to learn new techniques of release.

This meditation provides a completely guided method for removing even the sneakiest of attachments, providing a safe space where neither you nor the attachment spirit feel threatened.

Are you a novice? Feeling nervous or unsure? Don’t worry! This journey is novice tested and approved, and you receive instructions with your purchase.

Spirit Attachment Release Guided Healing


When you purchase this meditation, you receive a .pdf file that contains instructions and a link to download one .mp3 guided audio meditation delivered digitally and directly to you after purchase. Please read the instructions BEFORE completing the journey.

33 minutes in length

This guided journey is intended for helping you Release Attachments.

If you’re looking for something to teach you more in depth information with a step by step process for how to do releasements for others, the spiritual attachment seminar is what you want. find it here

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