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Spirit Guide Meditation Series

Two Meditations for Meeting and Connecting with Any of Your Spirit Guides

with Sarah Petruno

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Ever wished you could not only get to know who your spirit guides are, but also continue and build relationships with them? 

Meeting spirit guides is a fun and enlightening experience – but the connection doesn’t stop there.

Each person has 3-5 spirit guides with them at all times, and many tens to hundreds more who come and go throughout their lifetimes. 

Spirit guides provide support, guidance, and friendship.

They can help you tremendously in understanding, growing, and developing in your spiritual path, at any level.

There’s always at least one spirit guide waiting to meet us now.

In the Spirit Guide Meditation Series, Sarah leads you on a journey to meet one of your spirit guides now, whether you have a specific guide in mind or not. Then, she brings you to a space in the shared etheric realms where you can connect with your spirit guide again and become a divine channel to receive guidance from them. 

This meditation series allows you to meet a variety of your spirit guides, and then take your relationship a step further through developing a deeper connect with your new spiritual family.

Meet your spirit guides, then connect with them again and again ~ 

Meet Your Spirit Guide meditation


(15:45 minutes in length)

This guided audio meditation takes you on a journey to meet one of your spirit guides. You choose which guide to meet – protector, gatekeeper, animal guide, fairy, etc. OR the guide who most wants to work with you now. The meditation helps you learn their name, appearance, and what they wish to assist you with now. This is the first meditation in the series.


Connect with Your Spirit Guide Meditation


(17:45 minutes in length)

This meditation helps you connect with your spirit guides to develop a deeper relationship from which you can receive support and guidance. In this meditation, you are taken to a shared space in the etheric realms where you can speak to, connect with, and receive guidance from your spirit guides as a divine channel, deepening your connection and strengthening your relationship. This is the second meditation in the series.


Meet & Mingle Spirit Guide Meditation Pack


(33:30 total minutes in length)

Receive both the Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation and the Connect with Your Spirit Guide Meditation and get $4 off!



When you purchase each meditation, you receive a link to download your .mp3 guided audio meditation(s) and transcripts delivered digitally and directly to you after purchase.

Meet your Spirit Guide length:  15:45 minutes
Connect with your Spirit Guide length: 17:45 minutes

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