Spiritual Attachment Release Distance Healing Session

spiritual attachment release distance healing session

sessions completed within 14 business days of purchase (excluding weekends and holidays)

Spiritual Attachment Release is a 2-layer healing process. It requires both a healing of you, the individual, and a healing of the Spirit who has yet to cross over.

The crossing over process is considered healing for the Spiritual soul. It is a healing that allows the Soul to release all that tied them to the physical world for so long, and it releases their Soul to return to Universal Source. Once there, they can continue to grow, learn, and progress on their Soul’s journey.

Only once this soul (or souls, in the case of more than one) is released from you, can you begin to heal from the imprint that they have left on your life.

Spiritual Attachments can cause physical illness, emotional instability, fatigue, behavioral changes, and so much more. When released from you, you are able to get your life back.

In this exclusive Spiritual Attachment Release session, Sarah will:

  • Fully cross over and release from you any and all attachment spirits

  • Call back and return to you your energy that may have become vested in the attachment spirit(s)

  • Cut and heal energetic cords linking you and the attachment spirit(s)

  • Center, ground and anchor your Energetic and Spiritual body to Earth

  • Heal and clear the area to which the attached spirit(s) was connected to your Energetic and Spiritual Body

  • Fully cleanse, heal, and shield your Aura

  • Apply a Divine Light Energy protection shield to close the session and prevent future reattachment

This Spiritual Attachment Release session has been previously available to the public at a rate of $385 and is now available to you for just $179.

Spiritual attachments are estimated to impact nearly 75% of the population and are extremely common in developing lightworkers and intuitives.

Gain healing for yourself and those in Spirit as you develop on your spiritual path by booking this exclusive limited time session. 

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spiritual attachment release distance healing session


each session is done at a distance (via email), with no appointment necessary.  

your session will be completed within 14 business days of purchase (excluding weekends and holidays). 

This session is an email healing session with Sarah Petruno.

Sarah will connect with you a distance to perform the healing and at the completion of your session, she will provide you with an email recapping the healing you received and including any information received from Spirit during your session.  Each session is completed at a distance (via email) with no appointment necessary.

If you received a payment confirmation via email, your session is confirmed - don't worry! As sessions are completed at a distance, you will not receive a separate scheduling or confirmation email - but rest assured, your session is being worked on and will be completed as soon as possible. Your payment receipt is confirmation your distance session will be delivered to you. As soon as Sarah completes your session, you will receive your PDF file via email, sent to the email address attached the payment. For questions, contact appointments@sarahpetrunoshamanism.com.

*In the event that no Attachment Spirit is found when Sarah tunes in for your session, you will be refunded 100% in full. 

*By booking a session, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.