Summer Clarity Session - distance, 3 card video reading with Sarah Petruno, designed to bring your focus, direction, and clarity. 

Summer Clarity Session

3 card video reading delivered to your inbox to bring you insight and direction

with Sarah Petruno

The summer of 2016 has been one of deep transformation, changing directions, and muddled paths. 

Releasing emotions, starting new endeavors, and shifting relationships have marked the past few months for so many. 

As we turn the corner and begin to look forward towards fresh, new directions, we seek clarity in direction and focus on our path. 

Are you in need of direction in where to go next? 

Do you need to make a major decision, but you feel paralyzed by choice? 

Are you seeking understanding of a challenging situation you've encountered? 

Is there a relationship with someone or something in your life in need of resolution, and you're not sure how to move forward? 

Would you like validation for something you already feel, but need the extra push to make the move? 

Are you facing a million potential directions, but you aren't sure of the "right one" for you at this time? 

If the answer is YES, then let's get you the focus, guidance and extra push you need to propel you into your next best direction. 

I'll help you answer your most pressing question in the new Summer Clarity Session, by pulling three cards on behalf of your question, along with connecting with Spirit to expand on the meaning of the cards with insight and guidance from Spirit

When you secure your session on a day and time of your choosing, I perform the reading at a distance, record everything on video, and send you the video-reading by the end of that day. 

It's like we're sitting in the same room together, holding space for a reading. 

Except you have the convenience of no appointments and all you have to do is open your email! 

You'll get to choose one of Two Decks for your Reading, or Spirit can Choose for you: 

Your reading will take the form of a three card, immediate past, present and future spread where we will explore: 

  • The background, backstory, immediate past, and/or reasons leading up to the current situation posed in your question. 
  • What you need to know about the present situation and information surrounding the current events, as deemed by Spirit. 
  • Direction, steps to take, or expected outcomes to the current situation given the current energy and events known at this time. 

Interested in a Summer Clarity Session?

here's how it works: 

  • You select the earliest available day and time for your reading. This secures your reading to be performed on that day (or sooner). 

  • You then complete the intake questionnaire with your name, preferred email to receive the final reading, submit your question and choose the deck you want to use. 

  • You confirm your reading with payment of the session fee, $59. 

  • I complete the three card reading on your behalf and video record it. Time and length of each reading is estimated to be between 10-20 minutes. 

  • Your reading will be delivered to you via a link to download a .mp4 video file by 7pm EST on the day you selected. (If openings arise, your reading may be completed sooner and emailed to you prior to this deadline). 

***SOLD OUT***

What others are saying. . . 

Thank you so much for the video reading. The idea was amazing and personally, watching the information come through you - to me, was powerful. My Angel arm was vibrating the minute I received the download in my e-mail, and still is. I saw some of the orbs moving around you and saw the static energy around you. It actually feels like some key codes were unlocked in my DNA. I will certainly be re-watching to let everything sink into my system and heart.
— C. B.
I just wanted to thank you for my session. I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to integrating all of this information. You are amazing!! I’m so lucky I found you.
— K. V.

The Fine Print: 

  • Sarah does not predict the future or guarantee future events. All readings contain guidance obtained from Spirit regarding the current situation and current energy surrounding that situation. The future IS NOT predetermined and future events can and do change, given your own knowledge and free will, and the knowledge and free will of other involved parties. For more, please read our terms & conditions

  • Sarah cannot read other people without their consent. All readings must be purchased by the intended recipient. 

  • In rare cases, we reserve the right to refund your session if we feel that we may not be able to serve you.

  • Summer Clarity Sessions will be available until we feel that we've reached capacity in the number of readings that Sarah can perform while still providing the highest value service possible. 


Not sure how distance readings work? Because Sarah connects with Spirit and energy to perform the reading, there is no need for physical proximity or contact in order for Sarah to tune in and connect with Spirit on your behalf. All she needs is your full name, which acts as your consent to perform the reading.

Still not sure? That's okay! If you're feeling skeptical, please know that this may create a block that makes it harder for Sarah to do the reading and may detrimentally impact your interpretation and experience. In this case, we encourage you to not book a reading.

If you're a little unsure, but keep a positive outlook, open mind, and open heart - we encourage you to try it! 

For questions, contact

*By booking a session, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.