The Shaman Life (TSL) is a monthly subscription program for small, easy, manageable things you can do in your everyday life to improve your health and happiness – with shamanism!

Each month, in The Shaman Life, you will receive a brand new monthly eZine with 3-4 learning materials in video, written, and/or audio format all focused around a carefully hand-picked and intuitively designed life-improving monthly theme.

It’s designed to be easy to digest shamanic healing you can do, and not at all complicated to implement. Together with the #tsltribe Facebook group, you’re supported by your tribe through each month’s healing theme.

Our monthly healing theme and each TSL edition contain exercises that are easy to do and are designed for people like you in mind –  you’ll be able to do them around your job, your family, and your busy life. That means that every activity won’t take much time for you to do and integrate into your life.

The Shaman Life is about small bits of shamanism, easily integrated into your life, with the intention of improving your quality of life – more peace, more calm, more patience, more kindness, and more prosperity.

Who is The Shaman Life for?

The Shaman Life (TSL) is created for intentionally minded individuals who have an interest in alternative healing techniques and are seeking a curated selection of easy to use healing essentials. Geared towards holistic practitioners, energy healers, and working moms alike, this program is conveniently delivered to you, in eZine format, by email each month.

When you join The Shaman Life, you receive:

  • The Shaman Life Starter Kit delivered to you upon sign up, including:

  • A monthly email focused around the new month’s healing theme, containing:

    • 3-4 shamanic living materials focused on guiding you through your healing journey that month. You can expect things like:

      • Walk through video techniques
      • Guided meditations
      • Informative Articles
      • Insightful tips and pointers
      • Messages from Spirit
      • and more!
    • Sarah’s recommendations on how to navigate the month and use the provided materials

    • Your monthly coupon code good for 15% off products 

    • The Monthly Tom’s Tidings feature highlighting a plant, herb, or flower support that month’s healing theme

  • Weekly video (or audio) check-in emails with inspirational messages and tips

  • Access to a supportive and private Facebook group to connect with Sarah and others within the shaman life community 

– The Shaman Life –

March 2017 Healing Theme

March 2017 Healing Theme for The Shaman Life

Watch the March Theme Reveal Video:

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What Others Are Saying. . .

“This group, this life has changed me so significantly in less than one month it’s kookoo bananas!!! I am so much happier as each day passes because I have a better understanding of who I am because she got lost a long time ago.”

— J. D.

“Can’t thank you Sarah Petruno enough for creating The Shaman Life! I look forward every month to the email containing a wealth of information, videos and meditations to help me deal with outside energies that were affecting me and didn’t know what was going on until I came across your website. I also thank you for the TSL community on Facebook! It is a group of amazing and accepting people! It’s a place where we can openly talk about anything we are going through, get advice without any judgment. I highly recommend joining The Shaman Life to start experiencing life the way we were all meant to have, with supporting friends and a “Tribe” to belong to.”

— P. M.

“The Shaman Life has completely blown my mind. I have learned so much from Sarah and from the other members, but it’s more than that. The support, the community push me to work harder, to search my soul more. It’s such a safe place, where we can share both our triumphs and trials. I am humbled to count myself a member of such a beautiful community.”

— S. J.

“The Shaman Life is a community of the most understanding, most compassionate, and extremely diverse clan of like minded spirited people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, loving, and being a part. Without these friends, and I don’t use that term lightly, these friends are my people. They are becoming my Spirit family; the family you choose. These friends are my tribe. I could not be me, the me I am today, without all of them. It is because of them that I am the ME I am. Their generosity, their heart, their ideas, passions, and spirits support and uplift mine. In doing such a beautiful thing I am able to soar higher than I ever dreamed possible. Without Sarah in our lives, I truly believe we’d not be as far as we are, with her guidance, her thoughts, and her “ness” each one of our tribe, our clan, our spirits members grows in their own special way. For Sarah, for this tribe I am eternally grateful! ❤”

— K. B.

“Finding Sarah Petruno and the Shaman Life program was like finding a long awaited compass. I spent years not understanding why and what I was supposed to do with inherent intuitive healing abilities and fumbled along a path of doubt and confusion. Talk about a light bulb going off…when I came across Sarah’s website, I literally felt one epiphany after another as I delved into her blog and her courses and meditations. Her courses are intensive and filled with How-To details. My all time favorite so far is How to do a spiritual detachment. I am so thankful the universe brought me to Sarah’s teachings as they have helped me and also helped others who have come to me for healing. Spreading the light”

— J. H.

“Sarah Petruno and The Shaman Life membership has been a game changer for me. Even though I’ve been developing my abilities as a medium for a while now, I resisted the healer in me. That said, there was something missing and I knew it. So, I decided to join and have never looked back. Being a part of #TSLTribe is truly awesome. Sarah is a great teacher and shares so much of herself and her gifts. All of the members are super supportive and helpful. Each person has their own unique abilities and there is no drama. I can’t say or recommend joining this community enough.”

— P. V.

“As a member of the Shaman Life Community, each day I look forward to checking in with the group. There is always someone sharing their thoughts, ideas, experiences, and dreams. I am inspired and motivated when I read about the success others experience. And I am in awe of the beautiful souls who share their true selves in this group. One of the interesting things I’ve experienced personally since joining this group is the wonderful, synchronistic moments which seem to be happening with more frequency. . . Sarah has wonderful information to share, and having it offered affordably allows you to purchase her products without hesitation. And as we say in the Boston area, Sarah is “Wicked Smaht”.”

— P. H.

“The Shaman Life Programme… where do I start? With an outpouring of gratitude towards Sarah Petruno and her guides, for this programme is truly a life saver! I was lost, miserable, overwhelmed by my empathic abilities and was living with bizarre digestive disturbances before I stumbled across #TSL. Since May 2016 when the programme commenced, my life has turned around for the better and has helped me remember my strength so I could pick myself up and continue along my own journey.

The information received monthly not only helped me hone in on my psychic abilities, but provided me with useful information that helped to support and integrate the non-spiritual aspects of my life into my spiritual life and vice versa. No longer am I living a “double life” shrouded in secrecy and I understand now exactly where those bizarre digestive disturbances came from. I spent years looking for a diagnosis that never came, until I started to learn to harness my empathic abilities. I had been absorbing energy from influences that did not have my best interests at heart. Through #TSL I have learned how to manage these influences and this digestive disturbance experienced has now turned into my “personal alarm” for when I have stumbled into environments that are totally unsuitable for me!!!

I no longer live in that constant state of dis-ease, and the symptom only pops up when it needs to.
I have also made connections with amazing and inspirational people through the #TSL community, it was the icing on the cake and I consider the #TSL group my safe haven. I highly recommend #TSL for ANYONE feeling lost or alone in their journey, for this WILL open doors to a whole new world.”

— P. T.


What happens after I sign up?

After your successful subscription plan payment, you will be redirected to a new subscriber page where you’ll get more information on what to expect and how to join The Shaman Life (TSL) Facebook group, if you so desire. You’ll receive a receipt and instructions to create a subscription account login sent to the email address you used to sign up. Within 24 hours, your TSL Starter Kit (first time subscribers only) and the current month’s TSL email will arrive to your inbox. Our servers update the subscriber lists twice a day, and you will be sent your materials on the very next update! So hang tight – it’s coming!

All materials for The Shaman Life are delivered to the email address you used to sign up for the program. 

Your Monthly The Shaman Life ePackage emails are sent on the first of the month by 12pm EST, with weekly check-ins sent once per week after that.

If I end my subscription then resubscribe, will I get the Starter Kit again?

No. The TSL Starter Kit is only sent to first time, brand new subscribers.

Is the Facebook group required?

While we won’t force you to join the group, we’d love to have you and do believe that it adds great value to your experience of the subscription program. The Facebook group, as it grows, is designed to provide a sense of a community for The Shaman Life subscribers, in an environment where walking a spiritual healing path can often feel quite lonely. Sarah will be checking in with the group 1-2 times a week to interact and provide general feedback, suggestions and support, and your subscriber community can also provide a wealth of support, knowledge, and feedback. So, we do hope you’ll want to join us!

But, it’s not required. The meat of the subscription program will be in the monthly and weekly emails. Sarah will always include everything you need to succeed in the TSL emails – the Facebook group is a bonus. If you prefer a more personal journey, we absolutely respect that and understand.

How much of a time commitment is required?

This really depends on how much time you choose to spend on the materials, digesting them, and integrating the teachings in your life. Each month contains 3-4 shamanic living materials which will take, on average, 1-2 hours of your time to read and listen to – just one time. Then, the weekly emails will take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour to consume, depending on if there are additional exercises included or not. After the initial walkthroughs of each material, Sarah will likely provide you with “homework,” where she suggests continued work on the materials throughout the month. This is where you come in – each person’s level of commitment, involvement and intensity will vary. At bare minimum, a good estimate would be to expect to spend 90 minutes per week on TSL materials. That’s about 15 minutes a day when you spread it out across 7 days. Sarah estimates that most people will take 2-4 hours per week, or 20-30 minutes per day over the course of a month. As you advance through TSL, you may find yourself taking less time as your skills improve. Certain months will resonate more than others, and you’ll find you want to delve more deeply into certain topics over others.

In the end, you can spend as little or as much time on the materials in TSL as you choose, and you can expect that the more you put in, the more you will get out of it

How do I know if the program is right for me?

The easiest way to decide if this program is right for you is to scope out Sarah and her approach to shamanism and teaching to figure out if it resonates with you and if you can connect with what she teaches and how she teaches it. We encourage you to explore Sarah’s blog, her YouTube Channel, follow her on Instagram and see what she shares, and purchase some of the offerings in her shop to try things out. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time before your card is billed and can do so easily within your subscriber account portal.

Generally, The Shaman Life IS for you if:

  • You have an interest in spiritual, natural and energetic healing techniques
  • You want to learn practical healing methods that can be used over the course of your lifetime to improve your health
  • You’re already a practicing healer and you want to learn new techniques, viewpoints, or teachings to bring to your practice
  • You feel like shamanism might be the answer for you – in your life or career
  • You’re frustrated by a western medical model and know there has to be another way
  • You’ve been searching for a healing paradigm with practical, logical teachings that are rooted in real-world scenarios and taught in plain english
  • You’re willing to dedicate the time and intention necessary to really make a change in your life
  • You feel like you can connect with Sarah, her message, and her teachings

The Shaman Life IS NOT for you if you can agree to any of these:

  • You’re looking for an immediate, quick fix resolution to a problem
  • You don’t have any extra time in your day and you’re not willing to adjust your schedule to fit in or make extra time
  • You don’t like Sarah’s approach to Shamanism or her teachings
  • You’re very skeptical of Shamanism, spiritual, energetic, or natural healing
  • You don’t believe you can be healed
  • You’re not completely willing and/or ready to make the, sometimes drastic, “do anything it takes,” changes necessary to improve and heal your life
  • You don’t want to change anything about your day to day life the way it is now

Does the program include individual support and feedback from Sarah?

In short, no. The individual feedback Sarah is able to provide will be limited. Sarah cannot provide personal feedback via email or social media messages. She does not check Facebook, IG, or Pinterest messages. Questions may be answered on a general or overarching basis, but if your question is directed to a more personal answer where Sarah would need to connect with your guides or your energy in order to provide a more accurate response, she may suggest a private session in order to better serve you. If you have a question regarding purchases, please contact support@sarahpetrunoshamanism.com and her team will happily help you!

How can I cancel my subscription?

Prior to your renewal date, login to your account management portal here and cancel your account. That’s it. Once you receive email confirmation of cancellation, you will not be billed again. You can cancel at any time, so long as you do so within 24 hours of your account renewal date.