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Total Chakra & Aura Cleanse Guided Healing Meditation with Sarah Petruno, Shamana


total chakra + aura Cleanse Guided Healing Meditation

A Guided, Comprehensive Healing of Your Energetic System

with Sarah Petruno

meditation sent to you immediately upon purchase

Make way for new growth, cleanse, and clear your energetic system – easily!

No sessions, no appointments, no needing to be anywhere at any time.

With this guided healing meditation, you can heal on your own time. In bed, at the beach, at the park, or on your lunch break.

Open, clear and cleanse each and every one of your chakras and auric body. Call your energy back. Cut Cords.

Breathe. Easier.

Your energetic body is the base for your physical and spiritual health. It is thought that most illness and discomfort of the physical, spiritual, or emotional self can be fully remedied by addressing the needs of your energetic self – the root of who you are.

It’s time to care for you – at your core being.

With the Total Chakra + Aura Cleanse Guided Healing Meditation, you can jump start your journey with a clean, fresh breath of air . . . and energy!

the Total Chakra + Aura Cleanse healing meditation guides you through: 

  • a centering, grounding and anchoring of your energetic and spiritual body to mother earth and divine source above

  • an opening, cleansing and clearing of each chakra

  • a clearing of your auric body

  • a return of all scattered energy to your core being

  • A total body cord cutting, removal and healing of all the corded areas

  • A golden wash of Divine Healing Energy throughout your whole body

  • A clearer pathway for Energy and Spirit to flow optimally and without restriction throughout your whole body

  • A uniting and blending of the Chakra system to ensure complete connectedness and flow throughout

  • The application of a Divine Light Energy protection shield to close the session

This guided healing meditation used to be my MOST POPULAR healing session.

After guiding so many individuals through this process in my healings, I knew it could be transformed into a universal technique available to be shared on a broader scale.

In this meditation, you receive the exact healing once offered in the $199 one-on-one session.

For 26 bucks.

Do it yourself right along with me in the meditation, or ask your guides and spiritual support team to perform the healing on you while you listen.

Your choice. The healing occurs while you listen.

Relax, close your eyes, and allow yourself to receive a complete healing of your energetic system.

And hey, if you want to reformulate this bad boy up and sell it as a a one-on-one session on your site just like I did – I won’t be mad. That’s what it’s here for!



Total Chakra & Aura Cleanse Guided Healing Meditation with Sarah Petruno, Shamana


total chakra + aura cleanse Guided Healing Meditation

(51:15 minutes in length)


when you purchase this meditation, you receive 1 .mp3 guided audio meditation + transcript delivered digitally and directly to you after purchase.

total time:  51:15 minutes

what people are saying. . .

“I asked my guides to lead me through this and it was the most powerful meditation I’ve ever done. Thank you. ”

“I purchased the chakra and aura clearing meditation and its da bomb! Did it last night and my better half synced it to my phone today so I am IN THE MONEY now! ❤️ Thanks Sarah! It totally rocks socks!❤️”

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