How To Perform a Release Ceremony to Heal from Power Loss {Post 4/5}

How To Perform a Release Ceremony to Heal from Power Loss  {Post 4/5}

{This is part 4 of 5 of a post series on Power Loss, where we'll talk about what it is and how to retrieve power. Find all posts with the label “power loss.” This used to be an eCourse that I'm posting on the blog for freeeeeeeee. Enjoy!}
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Moving Forward from Power Loss

In the previous post, you performed a visualization that allowed you to bring your power energy back to you, after identifying where it had been lost.

We also talked about taking physical actions in your life to change behaviors and actions that were contributing to power loss. Hopefully, you've started to think about that and what you might need to stop doing.

For now, the next step after the meditation to call power back is to release attachment. To drop blame and victimhood, and to let it go.

Reclaiming and taking back your power is many things, but one thing it is not is a blame game.

There are many reasons why the events of your life have occurred and we have to honor each of these events as part of our path, even if we don’t like it or we do not understand it.

In order to fully move on from these experiences, you must find a way to release them from yourself. Otherwise, their imprints remain with you and may still impact your energy - continuing to take power from you without you realizing it.

You’ve healed from the experience, and the final act of healing is simple, but not always easy.

You gotta let it go.

Today’s Exercise:

Release Ceremony

If you still have your list of events in which you have experienced a power loss, good. If not, write them down. Each item on the list represents a where a part of yourself has been and a past attachment to your energy.

Let's symbolically and energetically release these attachments with a release ceremony.

A release ceremony allows you to complete a physical, tangible act to represent a spiritual act. It brings something intangible into the tangible, making it easier to accept, acknowledge and validate.

A physical act like a release ceremony allows you to make your spiritual intentions more “real” and to bring your reclamation of power into the physical world.

Once you complete the release ceremony, you’ll spiritually and symbolically “release” the power the events and people on your list had over you - once and for all.

To perform your release ceremony, you literally release the list.

Right now - take your list and get rid of it.

In doing this, you release the power the items on the list held over you.

Here are some ways you can release the list and these attachments: 
  • Rip it up and throw it away outside.
  • Burn it with sage.
  • Bury it in the woods.
  • Toss it in a random dumpster that you pass on the way to work.

Whatever you do, do not keep it inside your house or near your person.

Release the list and release the items on that list from your being and your energy.

Then, take a moment to notice how it feels. Kinda empowering, right?!

After getting rid of the list, I like to use essential oils to further clear things from my energy. I personally find the essential oil blend, Raven, from Young Living to be incredibly clearing. Raven is a blend of ravintsara, peppermint, lemon, wintergreen, and eucalytus radiata.




POST 1What Power Loss Is and Why It Matters
POST 2How to Start Finding Your Power After Power Loss
POST 3How to Reclaim Your Power After Power Loss
POST 4: How to Perform a Release Ceremony to Heal From Power Loss
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20 Signs and Symptoms of a Spirit Attachment (Possession)

20 Signs and Symptoms of a Spirit Attachment (Possession)

Originally written July 2015, revised and updated where needed.

Before we get into the post, I want to give a big, giant disclaimer. Yes, spiritual attachments can cause harm. But, I want to caution you from going down the path that everything you're experiencing is spiritually caused only. I have done this too, and yes, this is coming from a shamanic healer. Yes, sure, pretty much everything has a spiritual basis as a lesson, teacher, or root cause, but physical ailments exist with physical causes that need to be addressed. I am NOT a medical doctor or qualified to give medical advice, and I only speak from spiritual experience. Please talk to a doctor if you believe your health to be at risk. 

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Attachment spirits, spirit attachments, and possessions are all basically different flavors and depths of the same thing. These are non-crossed over spirits, human or not, who have attached to your energy field for the purposes of using your energy and/or manipulating your behavior to serve themselves. (Read more about them here and here.)

Although it sounds malicious, it isn't always, and more often than not, the harm caused is unintentional.

There are many different types of spirits (*affiliate link), just as there are many different types of individuals, human and not, who roam this earth.

Some spirit attachments are actually friendly, lost individuals who have inadvertently attached as a means to get energy, not realizing it was harmful. Others can be malicious and intentionally harmful. While still others can be souls who were troubled while alive, such as those with alcohol and drug use issues, who then attached to a living human in death to continue that behavior.

The reasons for a spirit to attach are as diverse as the reasons that anyone has to do anything. (You can read the most common reasons here).

In all cases, when a spirit attaches to you or someone you know, the effects can range from mild to severe. They can cause illnesses, drastically change behaviors, and even cause death. They can turn someone you know into a complete stranger.

Here are some of the most common things to look out for when determining if you have a spirit attachment. Like with everything, these can all also be signs of other things. I am not a medical doctor and am providing the viewpoint of a shamanic healer.

20 Signs and Symptoms of a Spirit Attachment
  1. Lethargy and feeling exhausted
  2. Chronic, mystery, ongoing illness
  3. Sudden onset of irritability, crankiness, or snappiness
  4. Anger or rage issues not previously present
  5. Drug or Alcohol Dependence
  6. Certain mental disorders like schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder
  7. Frequent nausea or stomach illness
  8. Feeling like the house you live in is always haunted
  9. Feeling like YOU are haunted
  10. Extreme and often dangerous mood fluctuations
  11. Any sudden behavioral or personality change
  12. A feeling of heaviness or pressure
  13. Waking up to presences around you at night
  14. Feeling like you’re “dragging” or being weighed down on a frequent basis
  15. Developing new vices
  16. Negative outlook on life not previously present
  17. Feeling like you have low energy
  18. Pain in specific areas of the body that has seemingly no other cause
  19. Bizarre, haunting, and horrifying dreams
  20. If you’re spiritually inclined, being able to see or feel the same spirit, again and again, is another sign. One who does not look or behave lovingly or compassionately, portrays deep, painful emotion when appearing to you, stands far away or comes in dreams only, and/or you have memories from childhood of this person.
It’s not essential for you to check all of these off the list, or even most of them. The signs and symptoms will vary drastically depending on the spirit, where they attached, how, and why. It’s also not essential for the change to be sudden and drastic, considering that some attachments may have been attached for many years.

For example, if your attachment is a little girl spirit who is scared, lonely and attached when you were a child, the behavioral and physical changes you notice will be different than if the attachment spirit is a once raging alcoholic who appeared only 2 months ago.

If you have a feeling, and check one or a few of these items off this list, it might be time to do something about it.

Spirit attachments are often difficult to remove on your own and the process can include many complex steps (There’s a whole textbook on the topic! *affiliate link). I recommend seeking out a qualified practitioner to assist you in doing this work, or, recommend one to your friend or family member in need.

In my Etsy shop, I have a guided journey meditation that walks you through the process of attachment removal. This is something you can try, but just know that some attachments may require multiple attempts at removal or deeper shamanic work than a guided journey meditation can provide.



What Harm Can Attachment Spirits Cause?

What Harm Can Attachment Spirits Cause?

Originally written in March 2015, revised and updated where needed.

Before we get into the post, I want to give a big, giant disclaimer. Yes, spiritual attachments can cause harm. But, I want to caution you from going down the path that everything you're experiencing is spiritually caused only. Yes, sure, pretty much everything has a spiritual basis as a lesson, teacher, or root cause, but physical ailments exist with physical causes that need to be addressed. I am NOT a medical doctor or qualified to give medical advice, and I only speak from spiritual experience. Please talk to a doctor if you believe your health to be at risk. 

Years ago, having a spirit “attached” to you was called a possession.

But now, that term isn't used so much and the term, in many healing circles, has been replaced with spiritual attachment, and a possession can be considered an extreme (deeper) case of attachment.

A spiritual attachment happens when a non-crossed over individual in spirit, human or not human, attaches themselves internally or externally to the energy of living human or animal for the purposes of using their energy to exist, or worse, to intentionally manipulate their behavior for their own motivations.

An attachment spirit is a spirit who does not exist in the Light and does not have a physical body, and as such, they are without access to energy gained from food and water and they also do not have access to energy from Source energy (like other, crossed over spirits do).

Spirits who are cut off from both physical energy and energy from a Divine Source (Heaven, the Light, whatever you want to call it) have few choices from where to garner their energy to keep moving around and existing. They can choose to harness it from their local environment, or they can choose to directly tap into the energy of someone who is living.

I talk more about all of this in this blog post.

As living humans, we have access to energy from both physical (food, water, sleep) and spiritual, like Source energy.

To Attachment Spirits, who are often very low on their own energetic resources, many humans appear to have an unlimited, abundance of free-flowing energy.

And if a spirit has less than good intentions, we also have a physical body through which they could manipulate behavior and actions of the living.

When a spirit chooses to attach to a living human, it can happen in for various reasons and to varying degrees.

Reasons for Attachment 

There are a few motivations behind why a spirit would want to attach themselves to a living human.

1. They’ve seen other Spirits do it and don’t know another way to get energy
This is probably the reason that 90% of spirits attach to people - they don't know how to get energy and this seems like the easiest, most accessible way. They mean no harm or ill intention, and don't even understand the ramifications of it.

2. It seems like it's easier and more abundant to get energy from a person than from the environment 

Collecting residual energy from an environment tends to be harder to do and requires more skill (see the movie Ghost! They did a good job of demonstrating this.) When you attach to a person, to can easily draw on their energy. 

3. They still want to do the things they did when they were alive. They still want to be human. 
This can either be well or ill-intentioned. Earthbound spirits generally still want to be in the human realm and have access to human things. By attaching to a human, they can have an experience most similar to being alive. If someone is an addict, for example, and chooses not to cross over when they die, they may want to still engage in these activities and it's easier to do that via attachment.

4. To intentionally manipulate behavior for the purposes of causing harm
Ill-intentioned people are still ill-intentioned once they die and do not cross over. There are darker entities, too. This is rare, but possible.

These spirits can and will attach themselves to a vulnerable person strictly to cause harm and in some cases, the Spirit, who is already ‘dark, may want to bring the living person and those around them to ‘dark side,’ too.

Levels of Attachment

Humans are made of millions of energetic particles that comprise the molecules that form the backbones of our entire physical body and our own spirit. Our bones, our blood, our thoughts, and our emotions are all made of energy. These energetic particles have tiny energetic fields, and together, they combine to form the human energy field, otherwise know as the aura.

We have a physical body - our blood, our bones, our skin and our brain.

We have a spiritual body - otherwise known as the human spirit, it comprises our emotions, thoughts, feelings, personality, and experiences.

We have an energetic body - the energy that makes up our physical body and our spiritual body.

Generally, the spiritual body of a living human resides inside the physical body. Surrounding and encompassing those two, is the whole of the energetic body.

When a spirit attaches to us, it can happen in these ways:

They can simply attach to our energetic field in the way that a tether would be attached to a pole. 

Or they can step completely inside a living person. When this happens, they can replace or push aside the Spirit of the actual living person. This is the more extreme version and it is what was once known as a full-blown spiritual possession.

A person can also have more than one attachment. Either there are individual spirits attached in multiple places, OR there’s a single attachment spirit who themselves had attachments before they died, and went into the afterlife with spiritual attachments of their own. In cases like this, this person’s spiritual attachments can become so cumbersome to them, that they can weigh someone down, preventing them from crossing over entirely. When this happens, the single attachment + their attachments are all using the energy of the living person to whom they are all attached.

How it Happens
Attachments can only attach when there’s a vulnerability present to do so. When your guard is down, when your boundaries are down, when you're not well boundaried in life and energetically. Unfortunately, times like this happen to everyone, making it possible for ANY person to be vulnerable, given the right circumstances.

It’s during these times that there may be areas of weakness in your energy, or, if you’re feeling bad enough, your own spirit may have even checked out from your own body momentarily, which can happen.

When these times occur, and you're in the right place at the right time, an attachment spirit can essentially send out an energy cord and attach.

Attachment Spirits exist anywhere where humans exist, but do tend to congregate in areas where there’s a lot of death and dying, mostly because this is where they get “stuck” when trying to find a way to get energy with which to move around - hospitals and near death events, and near death last rite areas (cemeteries) are big ones. Big cities and urban areas are common places, too.

How it Harms
Dealing with an attachment spirit is like suddenly having to support the energetic requirements of two adults on the energy supply of one adult’s body.

In a way, it’s kind of like being pregnant. Except in pregnancy, you’re supporting the energy needs of yourself and of a tiny, growing baby that you know and love.

In the case of attachments, you’re supporting the energy of yourself, and at least one other individual who likely a grown adult AND whom you know NOTHING about. So you're supporting them, AND all their baggage, energetically and spiritually speaking.

They could be a well-balanced person, or they could be completely unstable. Or someone that died with illness, and because they haven’t crossed, it hasn’t been healed, now transferring their ghost sickness symptoms onto you as they attach (yes, this is real!!). They could be someone with an intense anger problem, whose anger is now rubbing off on you and displaying itself in your actions.

It’s like sharing your ice pop with a complete stranger, who could very well have a disease that will be passed to you through the sharing exchange.

When an attachment spirit connects themselves to you, there’s an automatic exchange of energy as the link is made. Your energy is siphoned to them and some of their energy flows back to you.

This can cause physical illness, behavioral changes and emotional distress of varying degrees, depending on the intensity of the Attachment.

Attachment spirits can change the behavior of those they attach to drastically. If you’ve ever been in a relationship with someone, friendship or romantic, who was angry, irritable and mean, and later you noticed that bad attitude rubbing off on you, it’s the same concept.
You’re sharing space, and in this case, energy, so you’re sharing attitudes.

Only here, you likely don’t even know the person or that it’s happening in the first place. The main major symptom of an attachment spirit is often fatigue, which is a symptom for so many other things, that most people don’t even notice or know a spirit could be causing the drain.

With this continual demand on your energy, you may feel lethargic, tired and exhausted at all times. The attachment spirit depletes your energy. They can also cause physical illness, and with a lack of a energy for an immune response, you could get sicker than you would normally get on your own.

If the attachment has chosen to attach themselves to a certain area of your body, your stomach for example, you can experience dysfunction in that area due to the energy re-rerouting and disturbance.

Attachments can cause and perpetuate addiction.

Addicts who die do not always cross over. And when they don’t, they aren’t healed of their addiction, like they would be if they went into the Light. Their earth problems still exist and they will still do anything to get more of whatever it is they were addicted to. Only now, they’re dead and they don’t have a body to partake in the activity and feel the results. So, the next viable option is to manipulate someone who is alive to their benefit. This can mean keeping someone who wishes to get clean, an addict, OR it can mean turning a new person into an addict.

Attachment spirits can also be a force behind mental illness.

This is especially the case in bipolar disorder and personality disorders. Depending on the power of the attachment and the vulnerability of the living person, the degree to which an attachment can change the behavior and personality of the living can vary in severity to match the severity of mental illness. Drastic and sudden behavior and personality changes have been known to be caused by an attachment.

These are just a few of the problems attachments can cause, though the list is much longer. Really, anything is possible. Like. . . did you know that your own unintegrated shadow selves and your unhealed and not crossed over soul fragments from other lifetimes can become attachments?! Yep, I've seen it happen.

As you can, see Spirits who attach themselves to the living can and do often cause great harm.

The good news!!! is that attachments are not a lifelong curse if you have one in your life. They aren’t something you have to live with forever or even that long if you don’t want to. As soon as you recognize a problem, either a long time illness or a sudden behavioral or personality change, you have the option to see someone who can help you remove the offenders. 

I have a meditation in my Etsy shop that can guide you through the process, too, after doing hundreds of them and teaching my students to do the same. 

A shamanic healer is someone that heals the spiritual and the energetic body, and in doing so, is able to release and remove any attachments who are causing problems. (Read more about what a shaman is, here).

Having an attachment is incredibly common and is no one’s fault. Everyone experiences periods of vulnerability throughout their lives, everyone. It's part of learning and part of our soul's path. And sometimes, that learning is what guides us to learning more about the influence of the spirit world too.


What are Attachment Spirits?

What are Attachment Spirits?

Originally posted January 2014. Updated and revised where needed.

This is a long post, so buckle up!

Before we get into attachment spirit talk, I want to first talk about what an attachment is in general, spiritually speaking.

An attachment is something that is attached to you, spiritually and energetically, and is probably something that you need to release.

An attachment can be: 
  • a thoughtform
  • a behavioral pattern
  • energy that you were releasing that stuck around anyway
  • an idea
  • a hope or dream you had that didn't come to fruition
  • your own shadow self
  • other people's shadows
  • soul fragments that weren't fully retrieved
  • pretty much anything that has an energy can be attached to your energy...
Which means, that an attachment spirit is a spirit that is attached to your energy. 

Typically, attachment spirits are earthbound spirits that are attached to a living individual. 

Earthbound Spirits

In the minutes, hours, and days after dying, once the spirit has left the physical body, that individual spirit is given the choice - to cross over into the Light (Heaven, the Other Side, whatever you want to call it), or not. No one is forced to cross over into the Light, this is a choice. For any number of reasons, a spirit can choose to not cross into the Light and remain in the physical plane, on Earth.

Why would someone not choose to cross over?

Perhaps they felt this wasn’t their time, and there are things they still have to do on Earth, and wish to stay. 

Maybe they didn’t realize they died, as is often the case in traumatic and sudden passings, and were too much in a state of shock or disbelief, that they missed their chance to cross into the Light, or simply, didn’t believe that they were dead. 

It’s possible that, when alive, the individual didn't believe in “The Light,” and as a matter of belief, decided not to go towards this Light during their crossing. (Or didn't even see it because they didn't believe existed, and thus, perception.)

Some spirits actually choose to stay as part of their soul path. 

But most, just got lost and had some emotional baggage to deal with before they were ready to cross over. 

Whatever the reason, individuals can and DO choose to stay on earth and not cross into the Light. These individuals, are commonly referred to as Earthbound Spirits. 

They are not alive, and they are not crossed over, they are spirits bound to the Earth Plane.

An Earthbound spirit is also commonly known as a ghost. Usually, when people say ghost, they are referring to a spirit who hasn't crossed over.

Alright, so here's where it starts to involve you.

As it pertains to energy, you and I, as living, breathing, individuals, receive our energy from food,  water, Source energy. This is how we keep living - by consuming food and water, and being connected to what some people called Life Force Energy, but I call Source Energy. 

Upon death, individuals that cross into the Light, and now only exist in spirit are without a physical body. They are unable to consume food and water, this can no longer be their energy source. To continue existing, as a crossed over spirit, their energy comes from Source. From the Divine. From the Universe. Whatever you want to call it. By crossing into the Light, an individual is able to continue to their energetic existence, as a spirit, by drawing upon this energetic source. 

Okay, so then what happens if you die and lose access to your own physical body and do not cross into the Light? You become earthbound, a ghost. 

You don’t have a body now, so that means no food and water for energy. You didn’t cross into the Light, so shamanically speaking, you don't have that as an energy source.

SOOOO, if you stayed behind on earth, you need some kind of energy source. (I conceptualize this space as the Middle World, in shamanic terms. It's kinda like a "grey area" for spirits, a kind of purgatory). 

If you've ever seen the movie Ghost, you know that ghosts need some to generate some kind of energy to make things happen. In Ghost, they hang out in subway stations and peoples homes - all sources of residual electrical type energy that they can draw on. 

But not everyone does that! 


You're dead but it was sudden that you don't even realize you're dead for a bit. It takes you some time to figure that out, if you even do. You may just think no one can hear you and you're in some kind of an alternate reality. So, you might start to feel really panicked. 

Imagine if you were trying to communicate with people and be seen for YEARS and it wasn't working. You wanted to talk to someone about what happened, make sense of it, maybe know where your family was. 

A human in a panicked state like this figures things out pretty quickly. One of the things that an earthbound needs to figure out is how to generate energy to move around, move picture frames or whatever, make stuff happen. 

One source of energy is YOU. 

Sure, they can draw energy from other sources like plants, spaces with electric energy, residual energy in public areas, cell towers, shopping centers, hospitals, anywhere that there's ample energy. But that's not the focus of this post.

One benefit of getting energy from a living person, and attaching to them to do it, is they become mobile and it's a lot easier for them to move around. 

It's kinda like still being human. 

This is the essence of an attachment spirit. It's a spirit that attaches to your energy so that they can get energy (or some other benefit to them). 

How and why does an earthbound spirit attach to someone? And how common is this?
First, let’s address the question - Why people? If they can choose buildings, why people? 

The short answer is that it's complicated and there's no way I could explain every human motivation to do something in a paragraph or 5. 

But for most, the answer is because it seems easy to do and they don't realize they're doing it, and because it feels good to feel normal and human, and have some sense that things are okay when they are not. 

When you're dead, it's not like someone is over there teaching them all how to be a best behaved dead person. And that what they're doing could be harmful, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Attaching to a human allows them to stay comfortable and keep doing what they were doing (being human), and maybe eventually get some help for whatever they need. If you're gonna be in the grey space, it would feel better if you got to feel a little bit human while you did it, right?

Some attachment spirits CAN be malicious, just as some people can, but this is rare. Some choose to attach to people to continue vice-like behavior or otherwise ill behavior. And this is where the problems arise, some of them very serious. Drug addicts and alcoholics may wish to continue this behavior in death and can manipulate the behavior of the unboundaried living.

Attachments often wait, in places that people visit and frequent, to attach themselves to someone. They don’t go very far from where they died, because they can’t - no energy to travel.rare

Who is at risk for having an attachment?
Um, pretty much everyone.

Some estimates by shamanic practitioners say that nearly 75% of the US population RIGHT NOW has an attachment spirit attached to them. It's beyond common. 

At some point in everyone’s life, every individual is at risk. Any time a hole or a weakness in the energetic field, or aura, is created - this is creates an opening. A place for the earthbound spirit to attach themselves. 

And what creates holes and weaknesses in your aura? 

This could be a whole blog post and probably will be again at some point, but to keep a short, a hole can be created anytime there lower vibrational energy present in your field, your guard is down, your energy boundaries are down (or you don't have them at all), or there's some injury to your energy field. 

Because, at some point in our lives, as human beings, we all experience weakness (um, hello, we aren't always 100% perfect and boundaried and with glued up energy all the time), we are all at risk for being a host for an attachment spirit. 

Let me say this again, attachment spirits are very common. Extremely common. They can attach quickly when your guard is down, and often, you don’t even know it happens. It’s just the way it is - we experience weakness, and earthbound spirits are mostly invisible, needing energy, and boom, attachment happens.

They aren’t always evil, or malicious, remember, though these types exist. Most of the time, they are desperate, they are alone. They are still people - just without bodies. Friendly, caring, people that are scared, and they are doing anything and everything possible to continue their human existence.

BUT, just because they aren't being outright manipulative, deceptive, or trying to change you as a person, doesn't mean there's no harm to you in the process. 

Hosting another beings' energy is INCREDIBLY energetically draining. 

Their energy can also overshadow yours, you can start thinking their thoughts and feeling their feelings, and processing their energy. It can make you physically ill. It can change your behavior. I can't think of any scenario where it would be "good" for you to be hosting an attachment spirit.

Remember that attachment spirits are using your energy to continue their existence. It's like a big giant energy drain, and also, an energy transfer with this connection in place. 

This means that their energy and this attachment can make you actually physically ill, emotionally unstable, and just really change your energy in all ways. 

All attachment spirits cause harm. Every one of them. Intentionally? Maliciously? Not always. But their existence is pretty much always detrimental energetically. By their very nature, they are using your energy. 

Once you’ve become a host for an attachment spirit - your behavior may change, your personality, your eating habits, your drug and alcohol use habits, your sleep behavior, your state of health - everything. 

They are living through you, drawing on your energy. You may even become weak or sick.

Now let me freak you out even more. 

Attachments can become chains of attachments.

There are often MANY attachment spirits connected to one host. I’ve seen cases of just one, but I’ve also seen cases of 10-20 attached to a single person. I’ve seen sets of attachments, for example, 3 sets of 10-15 attachments each. All of these attachment spirits are drawing on the energy of a single person. Even worse, the individual host, weighed down by the energy of so many attachments, is now unable to cross themselves, even if they wanted to. The weight is too heavy to move towards the Light. 

Alright, so enough victim talk - because it's a two-way street here. Attachment spirits can attach in moments where we are not our best, but it does not have to stay that way.

How do I get rid of an attachment?
If you’ve read this far, you probably already understand that this is serious, maybe you already know it's serious because it's happening to you. If you think you, your house, or someone you know, might be harboring an attachment - you definitely want to get this situation taken care of once. 

How do you do it?

Well, each situation is different. I wish I could give you some energetic tips involving letter writing, imagining golden light surrounding you, and daily positive affirmations, but it’s simply not that easy. Once an attachment spirit is removed and released then what? Do they continue their Earthbound existence, no longer attached to you? Well, maybe. . .they could reattach to you later on, or they could just as well find someone else.

The best thing to do, in most cases, is to assist that spirit in crossing over into the Light. Not all will want to go and some will have stipulations; it can be a process.  Some of them can be tricky and say they cross and don't actually do it. It's essential that this process is carried out with love and compassion both to the living party and the individual who as attached. Additionally, care must be taken to heal the space where the attachment occurred, and lifestyle changes must usually be made to ensure that more attachments don't just come right back. 

Spiritual Attachment Release is generally a shamanic practice, but some rescue mediums and energy healers also perform this work. 

If you believe you are dealing with an attachment spirit, I encourage you to seek out a professional who can help. 

If you'd like to try out the process with a little guidance, I have a guided journey meditation in my Etsy Shop that walks you through the process of attachment release. 

Need more personalized help? Book a session here



Want a reference guide on this topic? This is the best*. (*Affiliate link)