How to Ground Yourself

How to Ground Yourself

When people refer to grounding and being grounded, all that means is the extent to which your soul and your energy have a firm anchor within the earth and the energy of the earth. 

It basically means how much your energy is pulled down to earth (in your lower chakras), compared to how much of your energy is in your head (in your upper chakras).

Being grounded means that your soul is anchored to both your physical body, in your lower, rooting energy centers, and the physical earth. 

Our human body is made up of energy, and that energy is organized in a number of ways, one of them including something called your chakra system. 

Chakras are concentrated areas of circulating energy that help govern and manage energy for certain parts of the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. 

You have lots and lots of these chakras, these energy centers, but for the purposes of this blog and for general life, we can boil them down to 7 main energy centers: 
  • Root Chakra - red - tail bone - security, scarcity, career, home, food, basic needs
  • Sacral Chakra - orange - pelvis - relationships, passion, creativity, sexuality
  • Solar Plexus Chakra - yellow - belly - self-esteem, personal power, confidence
  • Heart Chakra - green - chest/upper torso - self-love, giving/receiving, compassion
  • Throat Chakra blue -  throat, ears, mouth - clear communication, being heard, self-expression, clairaudience
  • Third Eye Chakra - purple - upper head, middle of forehead - planning, foresight, clairvoyance, psychic sight 
  • Crown Chakra - indigo/white - top of head - spiritual connection, connection to divine, psychic abilities and ability to communicate with source
The first three are the lower chakras and they help with anchoring, security, self esteem, relationships, and physical matters. 

The fourth one is the heart chakra, which can be considered the balancing point in your body and between the upper and lower chakras. 

The last three are considered the upper chakras.

GROUNDING means the extent to which your energy is pulled down to earth, in your lower three chakras, and how much you're securely connecting to earth energy. 

All organisms and objects existing on the physical plane of earth not only receive their energy from the earth, but also can send their energy back into the earth. This helps with the clear flow of energy and clearing unwanted energy.

The energy in your body consists of the energy from your soul, the energy from the earth, and the energy from the divine. You're a conduit and a channel for source energy.

As a physical and spiritual being, you receive energy from within yourself, via food and water, and source to stay balanced, centered, and healthy.

With our busy lifestyles, we have jobs, families to tend to, errands to run, and chores to do, and we find ourselves spending very little time outside and even less time focusing on ourselves. We tend to get "up in our heads" and get worried, preoccupied, and thinking of all the things we have to do.

This pulls our energy away from the earth and away from the lower chakras, which makes us feel less secure, more worried, more unstable, more feelings of scarcity, lower confidence, and just more fear overall (all lower chakra functions!). Energy pulled upward means that throws our lower energies out of balance and we start to feel all the feelings of unbalanced energy in those areas.

Throughout the day, we are consistently striving to achieve balance between upper and lower chakras and with ourselves so that we can maintain a sense of groundedness.  If you are finding yourself in high-stress environments, at home or at work, or getting overwhelmed and preoccupied, it might be that you are being pulled away from that connection with Earth energy.

Grounding allows us to:
  • Come down to earth, literally 
  • Feel calmer
  • Feel more secure 
  • Feel more stable
  • Gain clarity and decrease mental frazzled-ness
  • Create an anchor for clear communication and guidance
  • Feel less spacey and more secure in our lives
  • Prepare ourselves for spiritual work and meditation
Grounding is the first step to any spiritual activity. It's the first step in managing your energy. It's the first step when you're feeling totally out of control and need to take a deep breath.

There are many ways to create a grounding link between yourself and the Earth.

In this post, we’re going to be reviewing a visualization meditation for grounding. There are also many ways to do this - the exercise below creates a grounding loop through your body, and you can also just create a single channel. It's up to you!

Learning to ground your energy is very easy, and once you practice it a few times, you’ll be able to ground yourself quickly and effectively on a daily basis. Since grounding and becoming rooted with the earth can be relaxing, and takes very little time, it may be something that you decide to do as a meditation - in small bursts, multiple times a day.

For this exercise, we’ll be grounding using an energy pathway that I call the “upside down U.” There are other energy pathways, and I like to use this one for a more thorough grounding. 

How to Ground Yourself 

1. Find a comfortable place to sit
Anywhere that your feet can be firmly planted on the ground and your back can have a support to lean on - any chair is great for this or a couch where you can touch the floor. When you’re first learning how to ground, try to find a place where you will be undisturbed for the duration of the meditation. After you’ve gotten practice, you’ll find that you can ground yourself pretty much anywhere, seated or standing.

2. Close your eyes
Feet firmly on the ground, close your eyes and place your hands in your lap with palms facing upward.

3. Relax
Take a few deep breaths, slowly inhaling and exhaling, noticing your lungs filling up with air and your stomach expanding with each inhale. Fully exhale, noticing your stomach shrinking and your lungs completely emptying. As you do this, take note of any anxiety or worry that is already slipping away, simply by this action. Imagine yourself breathing in white light the divine, and exhaling worries, thoughts, or anxieties that may be visualized as grey smoke. Inhale white loving energy and exhale grey smoke. Release. Continue this exercise until you feel intuitively ready to move on.

4. Imagine that you are sitting on a tree trunk
Start to focus your energy downward, visualize the energy in your body flowing downward to the Earth, out through your feet. Imagine that the tree trunk extends down from your feet, through the floor of your house, through the basement, through the foundation of the house, and finally breaking through the Earth. Continue to imagine this tree trunk traveling down through the Earth, imagine its roots breaking through layers and layers of bedrock, until your trunk finally reaches the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize the center of the Earth
Once you’ve reached the center of the Earth, take note of what this looks like to you. Is it flowing with magma? Does it look like a crystal cave? Is it filled with white light? The energy stored at the center of the earth is some of the most powerful, purest forms of healing, cleansing and restoring energy. Imagine the roots of your trunk circling around the healing and restoring Earth center, hugging the core, draping over it.

6. Imagine earth energy flowing back up through your trunk
Imagine this energy as a strong, electric white currant of restoring energy, and follow it as it pulses and flows back up your tree trunk. With each inhale, watch and consciously feel as that healing energy flows up your tree trunk, through the layers of bedrock, through the sediment, through the foundation of your house, through your basement, and finally through the floor beneath your feet. Feel as that energy reaches your feet and flows into your physical body.

7. Visualize energy flowing through your body
Once the energy reaches the bottom of your feet and begins to flow into your body, imagine that it enters your body through the right foot, flows up the right side of your body, traveling up your right leg, your thigh, your hip, your stomach, your chest, and through your throat to your crown. Then imagine this energy flowing back down through the crown, following the left side of the body, until it exits through the left foot, back into the Earth. Give it a color that resonates with your connection to the Earth - gold, dark brown, red clay, moss green, ocean blue - whatever feels right to you.

You can think of the body as a having a upside down U shaped channel through which this energy flows, with your right side receiving energy up and the left side sending energy back down.

Continue to follow that energy as it completes its loop through the body, entering through your right foot, flowing up the right side of the body, to the top of your head, crossing over to the left side of your body, flowing down the left side and exiting back into the Earth through the sole of your left foot.

Congratulations! You are now grounded.


Everyone can benefit from taking a moment to focus on themselves and their connection with the earth. It can be done anywhere, too.

If you're just figuring out your healing gifts, know that grounding is the first thing that many mediums, channels, psychics, healers, and intuitives will do before attempting any connection with the divine or those in spirit. It's the first step I take before doing any healing work AND before working on a client, I ground their energy, too. It's an esssssssential part of energy management.

You’ll find that in grounding yourself, you’ll feel calmer, more relaxed, and more secure in yourself and your life. 

With practice, you’ll need less than 5 minutes a day to ground yourself, replenish your energy, and restore the energy in your lower chakras and your connection to the earth.



What is Clairsentience?

What is Clairsentience?

Originally posted March 16, 2015
Clairsentience is the psychic or intuitive ability of clear feeling. It’s the ability to feel that which isn’t seen.

This could be the emotions of others, this could be the thoughts and intentions of others, this could be the physical pain of others, and it could also be the presence of dead people.

All of these things have energy, and what it boils down to is that clairsentience is the ability to clearly feel energy.

Emotions have energy, thoughts have energy, intentions have energy, pain carries with it an energy, and you guessed it, dead people are made of energy, too.

The ability to feel ANY energy is clairsentience. This is naturally, inherently, the first and strongest ability in someone that is a healer, whether they know it or not.

Clairsentience is your ability to feel what isn’t normally seen and, if you can describe what it feels like, you can put words and sensations to it.

While intangible, our thoughts, emotions, intentions, and feelings of pains do carry with them an energy. A vibration. A molecular presence, even if this is just as a nerve impulse traveling down a neuron to deliver a signal. This nerve impulse is delivering a specific type of signal to deliver a specific type of message.

There are differences, sure, on how that energy is composed to create a certain thought, feeling, emotion, intention or physical sensation of pain - and a clairsentient individual often has the ability to feel the differences.

Sometimes not, though, because when you're clairsentient and don't know it, it pretty much can just feel like a LOT of energy and overwhelm. For me, it feels like anxiety and panic attacks.

When taken together, whole thoughts, whole emotional responses, and entire beings in spirit are comprised of an energetic vibration or field.

The energy of a thought, an emotion, a physical sensation, or a person in spirit is what the clairsentient individual has the capacity to feel. Anything that is made of energy, which is everything, can be felt by someone who is clairsentient.

But, when the ability to feel energy of all things first arises and starts to become stronger, it most often displays with the individual “feeling too much.” Being an over-feeler, or over emotional. Being an empath.

If the ability for clairsentience goes unrecognized for long enough, it can also be given other names for overstimulation or over-feeling. Many common mood disorders and the emotional symptoms of them can be the result of this over energetic stimulation (not always, of course, but for a lot of healers this is the case.)

When you are clairsentient, and don't know it, and haven't set up your boundaries, you are practically accepting and sensing the energy of everyone and everything in your environment, near and far, living and dead, at all times.

You have the ability to clearly feel energy. Be it in the form of emotions, thoughts, feelings, and intentions of individuals currently living a physical existence, or emotions, thoughts, feelings, intentions, and presence of those that are NOT currently living a physical existence - those in spirit.

If you’re sensing those in spirit, typically, feelings of anxiety are produced because they take an existence that is more gaseous, with diffuse, higher vibrating molecules. This higher, more intense vibration can create feelings of anxiety.

However, in crowds and tense places like shopping areas, worry and anxiety from other patrons and living people can also produce feelings of anxiety in the clairsentient individual. (This is true for me!)

Clairsentience is not a bad thing and it's not a curse, but if this is your gift, you probably do need to learn how to manage your energy. Grounding, clearing, setting up your boundaries, etc.

Clairsentience can be managed and transformed into a usable healing gift.  By being able to sense energy, you can fine tune that skill to help others transform and manage energy and also to help others with their own gifts.

To begin working with clairsentience, the first step is noticing. Identifying your mood changes and keeping a log of how your mood and physical feeling changed depending on time of day and circumstances.
  • Were you driving during rush hour, and later found yourself irritable and angry when you weren't before?
  • Were you in a crowded store at dinnertime in line with frazzled customers when you started to feel anxious, too?
  • Does your child go to school for many hours in a confined, overstimulating environment with other children and has trouble staying focused and becomes emotionally overwhelmed? 
These are just a few examples to get started. By keeping a log, even a mental one, you will start to notice when your changes in mood and demeanor, in many cases, were brought on by something in your environment. This helps you start to notice the difference between YOU and NOT YOU energy.

When you get better at seeing what you've taken on that isn't yours, you can choose to reject the energy and send it back, just by saying "reject, reject, do not accept," and visualizing yourself sending it back.



29 Signs You're a Healer: Revised and Updated!

29 Signs You're a Healer: Revised and Updated!

The original draft of this blog post is sitting in my google drive dated July 16, 2014.

Since the time it was originally published on, it has been copied and pasted all over the internet on perhaps hundreds of websites. Perhaps only 1 or 2 have ever received my consent - the rest are just copyright violations. I could go after them with DCIM takedown notices, sure, but honestly, who has time for that? And at least the info is helping someone maybe.

Much of the list below was derived from my own experiences, and signposts that I missed along the way.  

A lot has changed in 4 years, so I've updated the list given the lens through which I now see the world. 
Most healers had goals of being some kind of healer when they were younger (mine was a Nurse), but a healer isn't just limited to a spiritual or traditional path. 

You can be a healer even if you don't find yourself in a healing profession, and the work that you do is likely healing to others. 

This blog post, below, mostly relates to those with healing abilities that surround being sensitive to energy, but it's not all-inclusive. Read it with a grain of salt. It may resonate with you, it may not, and if it doesn't, that doesn't mean you don't have healing gifts. 

Without further ado, the updated post: 


When I first started developing my gifts in 2013, it was because I was told by Spirit through my medium sister, that I had the gift to heal others. I was told that this was the familial, ancestral gift of shamanism and that it had been passed down to me.

It’s tough to say what would or could have happened if I had not received this information at the exact time that I did, but one thing is certain, the gift was already present and evident through many signals and clues existent in my life.

If you’re a healer, chances are there are signs, signals, and cues all around you. The key is knowing where to look.

I’ve compiled a list of 29 signs that you may have a healing gift.

29 signs that you’re a healer
  1. You feel extreme empathy, often feeling emotions and experiences as physical sensations of pain and hurt
  2. You’re often told it’s soothing to be around you
  3. You get sick often
  4. You have now or have ever been diagnosed with anxiety or panic disorders
  5. You have now or have ever been diagnosed with any mood disorder
  6. You think of solutions for others to make their lives better
  7. You have a strong desire to help others, even at a loss of your own resources or needs
  8. You’re already in a traditional healing field – medical workers, massage therapists, chiropractors, guidance counselors, physical therapists, veterinarians or vet techs, and more.
  9. You have a history of healers in your family. Your parents, siblings, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. are or were engaged in healing based professions – medical, touch, spoken, or otherwise.
  10. You frequently experience heightened awareness in public places – difficulty breathing or nervous butterflies
  11. You walk into a room and can immediately tell if there’s been a fight or a disagreement before you arrived
  12. You’re the person people turn to for comfort, problem-solving, and kind words during difficult times. . . and you always help
  13. You often find yourself feeling overwhelmed and overburdened 
  14. You’re frequently drained at the end of the day, especially on days involving large amounts of social interacting
  15. You’ve noticed that you have a special touch with animals - skittish animals seem to like you
  16. Small children and animals are often drawn to you, even when they’re shy around others
  17. Complete strangers spill their life stories to you without asking
  18. People tell you that you have good energy
  19. You like to make sure people feel comfortable when they’re visiting your home or space
  20. You often take on too many things and try to "fix" others and all the problems
  21. You regularly experience shoulder and neck pain
  22. Your friends and coworkers often come to you for your trusted opinion issues that concern them
  23. Your preferred method of exercise is based in the outdoors – going on a walk, a jog, or doing yoga in nature while breathing fresh air is both stimulating and relaxing to you
  24. You have an interest in Spiritual based healing methods – energy healing, reiki, shamanism, or otherwise
  25. Your hands and palms sometimes feel tingly – pins and needles, buzzing, throbbing, vibrating, or pulsating
  26. You’re attracted to crystals for their beauty and potential healing properties.
  27. You're drawn to more "natural" based healing methods
  28. You experience frequent headaches or digestive issues
  29. You like to fix and help everyone, often at your own expense 
  30. You’re reading this list at all!

Take some time to look through the list. Yes, there are other reasons for a lot of these things. This list isn't medical advice or a reason to ignore real problems that need to be checked out. 

People who have healing gifts tend to be sensitive to energy - the energy of the environment, food, the world around them, other people, emotions, feelings, the vibe in a place, etc. All of these things can build up in a person who isn't clearing themselves regularly, and you probably aren't if you're just reading this list now and learning about all of this at present.

It's something you need to do regularly, like personal spiritual hygiene. 

Alright, back to the list. 

If it resonates, time to dig a little deeper into what your healing gifts may be!

What you do with this information is entirely your choice. You may choose to use it to pursue a healing based career, to develop your abilities to heal yourself and others, as a validation to know that what you’re experiencing is something real, or a combination of all of the above.

If you'd like to explore your gifts more deeply, feel free to book a session and we can connect with your guides to get you some guidance.