How To Perform a Release Ceremony to Heal from Power Loss {Post 4/5}

How To Perform a Release Ceremony to Heal from Power Loss  {Post 4/5}

{This is part 4 of 5 of a post series on Power Loss, where we'll talk about what it is and how to retrieve power. Find all posts with the label “power loss.” This used to be an eCourse that I'm posting on the blog for freeeeeeeee. Enjoy!}
POST 1What Power Loss Is and Why It Matters
POST 2How to Start Finding Your Power After Power Loss
POST 3How to Reclaim Your Power After Power Loss
Moving Forward from Power Loss

In the previous post, you performed a visualization that allowed you to bring your power energy back to you, after identifying where it had been lost.

We also talked about taking physical actions in your life to change behaviors and actions that were contributing to power loss. Hopefully, you've started to think about that and what you might need to stop doing.

For now, the next step after the meditation to call power back is to release attachment. To drop blame and victimhood, and to let it go.

Reclaiming and taking back your power is many things, but one thing it is not is a blame game.

There are many reasons why the events of your life have occurred and we have to honor each of these events as part of our path, even if we don’t like it or we do not understand it.

In order to fully move on from these experiences, you must find a way to release them from yourself. Otherwise, their imprints remain with you and may still impact your energy - continuing to take power from you without you realizing it.

You’ve healed from the experience, and the final act of healing is simple, but not always easy.

You gotta let it go.

Today’s Exercise:

Release Ceremony

If you still have your list of events in which you have experienced a power loss, good. If not, write them down. Each item on the list represents a where a part of yourself has been and a past attachment to your energy.

Let's symbolically and energetically release these attachments with a release ceremony.

A release ceremony allows you to complete a physical, tangible act to represent a spiritual act. It brings something intangible into the tangible, making it easier to accept, acknowledge and validate.

A physical act like a release ceremony allows you to make your spiritual intentions more “real” and to bring your reclamation of power into the physical world.

Once you complete the release ceremony, you’ll spiritually and symbolically “release” the power the events and people on your list had over you - once and for all.

To perform your release ceremony, you literally release the list.

Right now - take your list and get rid of it.

In doing this, you release the power the items on the list held over you.

Here are some ways you can release the list and these attachments: 
  • Rip it up and throw it away outside.
  • Burn it with sage.
  • Bury it in the woods.
  • Toss it in a random dumpster that you pass on the way to work.

Whatever you do, do not keep it inside your house or near your person.

Release the list and release the items on that list from your being and your energy.

Then, take a moment to notice how it feels. Kinda empowering, right?!

After getting rid of the list, I like to use essential oils to further clear things from my energy. I personally find the essential oil blend, Raven, from Young Living to be incredibly clearing. Raven is a blend of ravintsara, peppermint, lemon, wintergreen, and eucalytus radiata.




POST 1What Power Loss Is and Why It Matters
POST 2How to Start Finding Your Power After Power Loss
POST 3How to Reclaim Your Power After Power Loss
POST 4: How to Perform a Release Ceremony to Heal From Power Loss
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How to Reclaim Your Power After Power Loss {Post 3/5}

How to Reclaim Your Power After Power Loss {Post 3/5}

{This is part 3 of 5 of a post series on Power Loss, where we'll talk about what it is and how to retrieve power. Find all posts with the label “power loss.” This used to be an eCourse that I'm posting on the blog for freeeeeeeee. Enjoy!}

POST 1What Power Loss Is and Why It Matters
POST 2How to Start Finding Your Power After Power Loss

Reclaiming Your Power

With the previous post, you worked on finding and identifying all the areas where power has been lost. Now it’s time to reclaim that power.

If you want your power back, you have to call it back. Reclaim it.

Because power loss largely occurs on a spiritual, energetic, and emotional level, reclaiming your lost power is also a spiritual, energetic, and emotional act. Although, power retrieval, or calling your power back, can also include physical acts and steps that you take to reclaim it.

Power loss can occur in small, unseen ways. So much as a certain disapproving glance from a loved one can be enough to make you feel shame and hand your power over to them.

In your list from the previous step, you identified all the ways in which you have experienced a loss of power in your life - from childhood to the present day. If you haven't done that yet, go back and read the previous post and do that now.

It’s time to call back your power.

Power retrieval is an empowering process that can sometimes also be called energy retrieval. Really, they are the same thing. Power energy is a form of energy, so an energy retrieval can include calling your power back.

But! You can do this on your own, and it's encouraged that do you do at least some of it yourself. Calling your power back is about reclaiming YOUR power, for you, and thus, it's a very personal journey.

Ready? Let's do a little power retrieval meditation.

Power Retrieval

With your list of power losses in hand, you are going to complete a power energy retrieval meditation.

Here’s How:

Take your list and find a quiet place to sit.

Close your eyes.

Take a few deep breaths.

Visualize a series of houses in the distance, formed in semi-circle on the horizon. Each of these houses, with the lights on, represents one of the items on your list. One of the locations that your power energy is stored, away from you.

One by one, imagine that a stream of light begins to flow from each house, back to you. With each inhale, you breathe in the stream of the light. As you do, visualize the light in the house slowly going out. Your power energy is no longer stored there - it is now with you.

Breathe in the stream of light coming from one house, then the next, then the next, and so on until you have moved through all of the houses. There is one house for each item on your list.

When you have finished, pause, and place your right hand on your chest. Say quietly or inside your mind,

“I have now reclaimed my power and I am filled with the glowing light of my own strength.”

Open your eyes.

TA-DA! You're done.

Complete this exercise today as one step towards reclaiming your personal power.

Visualization operates through the use of energy - and when you are dealing on the energetic realms, once you visualize something, it's happening in the energetic realms.

If you’d like to take it up a notch, listen to the Energy Retrieval Guided Meditation and be guided through this process.

While this activity is now complete, make sure to hang onto your list until the next post - we have an activity planned for it.


But, before I go, I did want to mention the importance of not continuing to give your power away to the sources you listed. Take steps in your physical life to change your behavior and your actions so that you are no longer giving power outside of yourself - take an inventory of how you contributed to your own power loss and then take action to stop it from continuing to happen.

Doing the meditation is one thing, but taking tangible, real, physical action is the true way you break the pattern. 


POST 1What Power Loss Is and Why It Matters
POST 2How to Start Finding Your Power After Power Loss
POST 3How to Reclaim Your Power After Power Loss
POST 4: How to Perform a Release Ceremony to Heal From Power Loss
POST 5How to Maintain Your Power After Power Loss

How to Start Finding Your Power After Power Loss {Post 2/5}

How to Start Finding Your Power After Power Loss {Post 2/5}

{This is part 2 of 5 of a post series on Power Loss, where we'll talk about what it is and how to retrieve power. Find all posts with the label “power loss.” This used to be an eCourse that I'm posting on the blog for freeeeeeeee. Enjoy!}

POST 1What Power Loss Is and Why It Matters

Oh hey, welcome back to the power loss blog series!

In the previous post, you were asked to start contemplating and considering areas of your life where you have experienced power loss.

If you haven't done that, stop. Stop reading this post, go back to the last post, and think about AND write down areas of your life where you've given power away. It doesn't need to be super specific just yet, because that's what we're doing today. You just need to write down like 1-3 word phrases like, "my daughter's birth," or "at work," or whatever.

Today, we’re going to dig deep and really start to identify those areas of power loss.

The purpose of this series is to help you reclaim your personal power.

The only way to get your power back is to go back in time and find out where it was lost, and bring it back. That's the shamanic way of doing it. So, we have to know where exactly and specifically you lost your power. 

Imagine this series was called “How to start finding that red sweater you lost” instead.

The first step in finding the lost sweater, would be to try to remember where you left it or who took it, right?

So, to get your power back, the first step is remembering the events in which your power was given away (or taken, depending on the circumstances)

You can get pretty far back with this, and how far you want to go depends on how you feel. 

You can go all the way back to your childhood up until now, you can even consider other lifetimes.

But it's time to ask yourself, specifically, what are all the events that you can remember in which you have felt like you lost control or power over a situation?

What have you given outside control of your life to? Where and in which specific areas of your life have you relinquished power?

Take a few days to think about it if you need to. But you need to. That is key. You need to identify where and to whom/what you've given power.

Think of EXTERNAL influences to your current challenges. Have you given them power, and if so, how much?

So that brings us to today's exercise in reclaiming your power: 
Create a List.

Begin by getting out a piece of paper and something to write with. Or using the notes app on your phone.

At the top of the page, write, “Areas of my life where I've given power away." Yes, it might seem harsh. Do it anyway. You're taking personal responsibility in co-creating these experiences. Whether or not you meant to doesn't matter, remember.

Carry this sheet with you and throughout the day today (or have the notes app open), and think of specific or ongoing events and areas in your life where:
  • you have accidentally or unknowingly given away power
  • you've had it taken from you by a parent, partner, boss or stranger.
  • you have been in a situation in which you were victimized
  • you have a situation where a power loss is currently ongoing
  • All the way back to childhood until now, consider everything. 

Think of a time when you have been scolded for doing something you thought was right, and then, you felt bad for it. This is a time when your emotional power has been lost to another person. They now have power over how you feel.

Think of how you manage your own health, who makes the decisions about what’s best for you, and where the balance of power resides there. Are decisions regarding your health in your court or are they with another person?

Consider a life trauma you’ve experienced in which another person was the perpetrator of the trauma. Think about how this trauma has been processed and how their power was assigned over your life in this situation.

Jot down all instances of power loss, these and others like these, that you have experienced throughout your life. 

Write down as many details as you remember and how the power was lost. 

This can be as cathartic and as healing as taking the power back itself, so journal it out if you need to and take your time. 

Acknowledging power loss is a healing step in the process of reclaiming yourself. 


What Power Loss Is & Why It Matters {Post 1/5}

What Power Loss Is & Why It Matters {Post 1/5}

{This is part 1 of 5 of a post series on Power Loss, where we'll talk about what it is and how to retrieve power. Find all posts with the tag “power loss.” This used to be an eCourse that I'm posting on the blog for freeeeeeeee. Enjoy!}

Defining Power Loss

Power loss, spiritually speaking, occurs any time that you relinquish the power and control that you have over your own life to someone else, whether by force or by your own allowance. 

To put it simply, anytime you give an outside entity power over your free will, your body, your emotions, or your energy, whether knowingly or unknowingly, you can experience power loss. 

Power loss can constitute: 

- a loss of your vital energy
- a loss of your sense of personal power over a situation or over yourself 
- a soul loss 

Let’s consider a common example of power loss: 


When you share something personal, and another individual attempts to make you feel guilt or shame for what you have shared, at that moment, you can give power over your feelings away.

If you feel shame, you have given them power over how you feel.

We often give our power away and if we're not careful and mindful of it, it can result in a serious diminishment of our energy and our personal power. 

Imagine that, again and again, you inadvertently give your power away, slowly, you will have lost so much of your power to trust and have confidence in yourself, that you will lack any and all self-confidence and trust in yourself.

Okay, so let's consider power loss in the realm of health and wellness. When you seek help for your own healing, being an active participant in that healing is important, because otherwise, it's all too easy to give your power of healing away to another person or even a disease in some cases. 

Think of a situation in which you have just completely handed over control, or had it taken from you, as it pertained to your body's ability to operate healthfully. There is nothing wrong with seeking help, but again, it's a balance between being a co-creator in your own health vs. just handing that power over to someone else. 

Make sense? 

Power loss can happen when you give something or someone total control of over you, your body, your feelings, your energy, your emotions. 

Each instance of power loss can weaken our sense of personal power, trust, and self-confidence, because the less power we have and the more power we give away, the weaker we tend to feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. We tend to fall into the hopeless zone. 

I want to be clear, also, that this isn't always voluntary. Sometimes we are in a situation where power loss has to happen - such as in a medical emergency, or we just otherwise didn't know or were in a situation where we just couldn't. A good example of involuntary power loss would be during childbirth, and if you had a less than desired child birthing experience and had to give some power over during the labor and delivery. 

Whether or not you meant to or wanted to isn't the issue here, it's whether or not it happened and it the power loss has been felt and internalized in your soul. 

Many mothers, for example, feel some guilt or a sense of loss over not having the birth they wanted. . . part of that can often be due to feeling that power loss.

Scenarios in which power loss is common:
  • In the dynamic between healer and client, in whatever realm of healthcare you're in. If you're not a co-creator and especially in more serious illness, it's pretty common to feel powerlessness and experience power loss.
  • Labor and delivery - a woman can experience a loss of power during the process especially if she feels as though she missed out on the birth she wanted
  • Employee/employer
  • Any illness during which you feel powerless
  • Any time you feel powerless over your situation 
You can lose power in any event or series of ongoing life events where someone else or some other entity is perceived as having more of an authority over your own life, behavior, emotions, and actions than you do. 

There is no blame here. It isn't your fault for giving power away - most people don't even realize they've done it until well after the fact, and in most scenarios of power loss, it tends to occur during moments of weakness, which we all experience. 

At some point in your life, you have most definitely experienced some level of power loss. Everyone has. 

Why Power Loss Matters

Think of it this way.

When you experience a loss of power, what you really experience is a loss of energy.

The more power losses you have experienced, the more energy you have lost. The more of your personal power you have lost.

And because both our physical and emotional bodies are based in an energetic foundation (think, below a cellular level, we are made up of energetic particles. You know this from high school chemistry). 

Physically, these particles form molecules, and when stacked, molecules form things like organs, blood, bones, and tissue. 

These energetic particles also form the basis of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

If you experience a power loss, in which your emotional sense of power is taken from you, this is a loss of energy from your overall physical AND emotional system.

More and more power lost, means more and more energy lost.

This means LESS energy that your body has to perform vital life functions. It also means less energy to function at emotionally optimal levels. From there, with your body operating at suboptimal levels, you can experience dis-ease on all ranges of the spectrum, emotional and physical.

Power loss means energy loss. When your energy is weak, you often experience dis-ease, physical and emotional.

Power loss is a big deal and can cause physical illness and emotional distress. BUT it is reversible!! You can take your power back.

Over the course of the next few posts in the series, we’re going to walk you through the process of taking your power back.

For now, think about what it means for you.

Consider times in your life where you may have inadvertently given power away. 

If you’re a mother, take a look at your birthing experience(s). Many women express sadness at feeling a lack of control and power over their bodies during birth.

If you’ve ever been told, “you should be ashamed of yourself,” recall that experience, who said it, and why.

If you’ve ever lived with a controlling partner or relative, consider the decisions of your life that were influenced by them, and how that affected you.

Write down power losses that come to mind.

I encourage you to get a journal to explore your thoughts and write things down. Identifying, acknowledging, and getting energy OUT on paper is part of the healing process.

In the next power loss post, we’re going to start working on helping you get that power back.


POST 1What Power Loss Is and Why It Matters
POST 2How to Start Finding Your Power After Power Loss
POST 3How to Reclaim Your Power After Power Loss
POST 4: How to Perform a Release Ceremony to Heal From Power Loss
POST 5How to Maintain Your Power After Power Loss



How to Cleanse Your Own Chakras

How to Cleanse Your Own Chakras

From the vault - This one comes to us from February 2016 and has been thoroughly edited and updated 😊. 

First things first, if you're reading this post and don't know what chakras are, let me keep it simple.

Chakras are circulating, concentrated centers of energy that make up part of your energy body. The energy body is the part of our existence that's energetic in nature - the sum of energy that makes up our physical and spiritual existences.

Chakras are part of that body, like an organ of our energy, and they help govern, regulate, and inform the energy of your spiritual body, physical body, and energy body. 

I like to think of the energy body as the central part of our experience, and our chakras (energy centers) as receiving feedback from what's going in our physical body and our spiritual body, and that contributes to what's going on with them.

When you cleanse your chakras, you're essentially freeing up stagnant energy that may have gotten stuck there due to a blockage, from something going on in your emotional or spiritual life, or from something going on in your physical life. 

It's kind of like an oil change for your energy body - flushing things out to help you function more optimally in all ways.

Because our energy body is connected to our physical and spiritual/emotional bodies, maintaining wellness in the energy body is important for supporting our overall wellbeing. 

After all, what we experience emotionally and energetically can often manifest physical, and taking care of your energetic hygiene is just as important as taking care of your physical hygiene! 

Clearing your chakras is like giving your energy body a shower or a flush. It's great to do often - you can do it once a week or nightly if you want.

The good news is that it's pretty easy to do on your own. Everyone has their own ritual and even more complex ones, and this is one that I will often teach beginners.

How to Cleanse your Own Chakras

Step 1: Ground Yourself
Grounding yourself is an essential first step in all intuitive practices. Learn how to ground here. You’ll use the earth energy that you pull up during the grounding meditation to run through each of your chakras, so this step is important.

Step 2: Open Chakras
After completing the grounding meditation, starting with the root chakra, open each of your chakras, one by one. To do this, all you have to do is simply imagine each one opening. I assign a colored rosebud, corresponding to chakra color, for each of the seven chakras, and imagine it blooming. That’s it.

Root Chakra - Red - Located at the tailbone area

Sacral Chakra - Orange - Located in the pelvis/lower abdomen

Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow - Belly

Heart Chakra - Green - Heart/Chest

Throat Chakra - Blue - Throat up to Nose/Ears

Third Eye Chakra - Purple - Center of the forehead, between eyebrows and eyes

Crown Chakra - White - Top of head

Starting at the root chakra, imagine a red rose bud located right at the base of your spine, and then imagine it opening into full bloom. Once in full bloom, that chakra is open and you can move onto the next, imagining each colored rosebud coming into bloom, one by one, all the way up to the crown. Some people prefer to use colored doors opening, others prefer colored swirling vortices expanding, and others prefer to use a combination. All in all, after completing a grounding meditation, opening chakras should take you approximately 4-6 minutes.

Step 3. Run Energy Through Each Chakra
Returning to the grounding meditation, remember that stream of source energy that traveled up your grounding cord from the earth? Now is the time to take it a step further. Again, starting with the root, imagine that stream of earth energy now flowing up and out through your root chakra. Imagine it flowing like an open faucet, gallons and gallons of white light energy flushing right through the root chakra. Next, pull another stream, like a cord, of white light energy up through the sacral chakra. Imagine is flowing fully and flushing energy out through the sacral chakra. Keep going, one by one, until you have 7 streams of white light energy flowing through each of the 7 main chakras (If you like to work with other chakras, feel free to include them here).

Step 4. Turn Off the Flow
There’s no set end point here, no length of time determine for how long this should take. I simply let the energy flow until I decide it’s done. The length of time depends on the person and the amount of energy needed to clear the chakra. It could be 5 minutes, 7 minutes, 10 minutes, or 20 minutes. It’s up to you decide when is the right time for you to stop the flow, and trust that whatever length you decide, is the right time for you.

Once that time comes, starting at the crown, start pull out those streams of energy like you are unplugging extension cords, one by one, imagining them falling back to the Earth.

Step 5: Rebalance Chakras
After you’ve ceased the flow of energy, it’s time to move on to balancing each of the chakras to an open-level that feels right to you. I personally do not recommend or like having chakras that are open to 100% full blast. I find it draining and a little bit too much. So what we do is basically adjust the chakras that so they feel right to you, not 100% closed, and not 100% open, but somewhere at a healthy level for you in between those two extremes.

Like turning off the energy flow, we start at the crown and imagine a radio knob associated with each chakra. Imagine turn the dial down to a point at which you feel comfortable. Too low, maybe now you feel a sensation of heaviness, too high, and maybe you feel a little uppity all of a sudden. Imagine yourself adjusting the dial to the optimal state for you. And travel down the chakra system, adjusting the dial for each chakra, to a state that feels comfortable. This is an intuitive process and there is no right or wrong way to do it. There is no too open or too closed, each person has their own state of homeostasis, a point at which you feel and are in balance. This point is different for each person.

Unsure of what “feels right”?

That’s okay! Pay attention to how you feel and what you experience as you open chakras, as you run energy, and as you adjust the dials. You’re learning to sense subtle energy here, and it takes some time. Just try it - open, close, adjust until you feel like stopping, and move on! Over time, you’ll get the hang of it and be able to do this whole process in as little as 15 minutes or less.

Step 6: Clean up
Visualize all the emptied gunk from your chakra piled up all around you. Now, imagine yourself or your Spirit Guides taking a broom and sweeping that chakra clogging gunk into a garbage can until it’s all cleaned up.


That’s it! Follow these 6 steps for a simple, quick, and effective way to cleanse your chakras. 

Want more in-depth clearing support or a little guidance on doing this yourself? Cool - I have a meditation that helps cleanse and clear the energy body in depth in my Etsy shop!