Audio Email Reading (1-3 Question)


Audio Email Reading (1-3 Question)

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You will receive a link to download and listen to your audio reading within 10 business days of purchase.

Through this reading, I connect with Spirit and your energy to receive answers to the questions that you feel most called to ask. Then, in connection with your Spirit Guides, I bring through the messages in the way that your Guides desire. Because we are working with Spirit, the messages that they choose to deliver and how will always be what is needed but not necessarily how we want them :).

Please know that as a shamanic healer, I primarily connect with guides, angels, and ascended masters and the type of information I bring through is NOT geared towards predicting your future outcomes or telling you what to do. I also cannot advise on legal or medical matters.
These readings are intended for questions where you are seeking insight regarding crossroads and issues you are currently facing (i.e., "I'm going through x experience, what do my Spirit Guides have to say about it?”)

In the reading, I can connect with your Spirit Guides for more insight on what's happening to help you make choices in your life to propel you forward. Specific questions regarding current life path, transitions, relationships, and spiritual gifts and developmental next steps are best answered in these readings and have been hugely transformational in my own personal and spiritual development. No cards are used in this reading unless I'm guided to use them. If I am, I will include a picture of the card in your PDF file.

I approach this, and every endeavor, from the perspective of healing, digging deeper into Self, and helping guide you on strategies and healing tools and techniques for you to navigate your current challenges. My readings and work are all about giving you (and helping you retain!) the power to make choices for you, and not predetermining your fate, choices, or outcome in a reading.

I do not do readings on other people and relationship questions would have to be focused on issues surrounding you specifically and things you can do to self-heal or heal what you’re going through, from your own perspective and place of personal power.

** When making your purchase, please use the form section to put your birthday in and provide the question(s) with as much surrounding information as you’d like and as space provides.

Feel free to ask questions if you’d like help framing your question in a way that can get you the best answers from your guides!

When you submit your questions, I tune into your energy and connect with your Spirit Guides at a time when the energy is most aligned, and then I send you the reading via email in a PDF file with a link to download your audio within 10 business days.

For reference:

A one question reading is about 7-15 minutes long
A two question reading is about 10 - 20 minutes long
A three-question reading is about 15-30 minutes long


PLEASE NOTE: Questions about legal issues, health/medical issues, fertility, fortune telling, and YES/NO questions will not be answered and you will receive a refund. Spirit will not choose for you, but they will give you insight into what you're experiencing to help you make choices and gain information on your path. You know your own life best and must make the choices to propel you forward, and a reading can help give you a push.

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