Lower Energy Body Distance Healing


Lower Energy Body Distance Healing


In this specialized distance healing, we will work on decreased density throughout your lower chakra system and lower energy body.

Why is this needed?

In my most recently healing sessions, I have noticed that the majority of people actually do not have chakra blockages, but instead, too much energetic density in the lower chakras and lower energy body.

This can create stagnation in your life, especially with navigating the realms of career, finance, basic needs, creativity, sexuality, and relationship, and it can make it more difficult you to continue on with your personal ascension, personal healing work, and proceed with seeing and carrying out the next phases of your soul’s purpose.

Basically, if we’re feeling stuck, the lower, stuck feeling, and density energy in these lower energy centers and parts of our lower, more physical energy centers.

It is this area of our energy body that keeps us weighed down in the 3D, which is sometimes necessary, but as we move towards seeing multiple realities and connecting more with collective consciousness and energy, there is a need to free up this density in the lower chakras.

That is 100% what this distance healing is designed to do!!!

While each session will be unique to your energy, it will include, to some degree:

- centering, grounding and anchoring of your energetic and spiritual body to source energy below.
- a focus on decreasing the density of your lower chakras and lower energy body, transmuting, releasing, and clearing this from your current AND cross reality energy systems, where possible.
- an opening, cleansing, and again, decreasing density of your lower chakras and lower energy bodies
- a clearer pathway created for source energy to flow through you from head to toe
- healing energy and transmutation throughout and around this area of your energy body, as directed by spirit
- final wash of healing, shielding, and protective energy over your entire energetic body - your aura


- details surrounding your current energy and messages from your spirit team about what's going on and what you can do to help your situation, if there is anything
- any additional messages or insights uncovered in the healing that I'm guided to share!

You will receive:

- a PDF write up of the above OR an audio recording, your choice

- the distance healing above sent to the email provided, completed within 21 days from date of booking - DO NOT WORRY. Your healing will be completed when I get the nudge from your spirit team to do so - and this will happen at the time most divinely aligned for you to receive it! I cannot control this - your Spirits do, and your higher self does

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This is a distance healing, meaning, I do the healing on my end in my own time and you DO NOT need to be present at all, unless you want to intuitively tune in on the day of the healing.

Your healing will be completed within 21 days from the day of booking and done on the day when your Spirit Guides guide me to do it. This will be when it is most divinely aligned for you to receive the healing, of which I cannot tell you in advance. I will email you ahead of time to let you know with as much advance notice as your Spirits give me, so you can tune in if you'd like.

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